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What? Me Stress? Nah!

What’s Jack up to? The sweetie is chillin. Being happy and carefree on this spring break week.

I went to a lovely ladies tea this Saturday. Stop laughing. It was for a good cause and I’m a grown up, well, most days. It was my first ladies tea and I had no idea what to wear. Eek!

I ended up going dressy casual in cropped pants a linen sweater and sandals and I was fine up against the other women in the same type of outfits and there were a few with flowing print skirt and sweater ensembles. But I did hear at some of the more upscale teas they go all out and do the super-dressy hat thing. I hope I don’t get invited to one of those. Too much pressure.

Now this was through my DH and the women there were wives of friends of my DH and they know I’m a writer and had not seen me in and while. They are all sweet and wonderful women, but I felt like Bridget Jones going at a smug married dinner party with that dreaded, “so Bridget, when you getting married?” question.

About a 50 times I got, “so when is you book coming out?” or “where can I buy your book?” or “you still working on that book?” question.

It’s times like that when I almost regret “outing” myself as a writer.

Thankfully, the guest speaker was a totally cool spiritual healer named Nafisa who put all of us into a semi circle and talked to us about stress and how to deal with it. She then guided us through a meditation where I clearly saw myself on the New York Times, USA Today and The Essence Bestseller Lists and I kept repeating my personal mantra “all roads lead to Oprah, all roads lead to Oprah, all roads lead to Oprah…”

By the end of it I was just fine!
Breathe in- Breathe out.
Trust that it will all be purr-fect!

So how was your weekend? Wonderful I hope.