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Stop the world I want to get off

What’s Jack up to? Sweetie is jumping at the window barking at all the activity on this block on this not quite spring day.

Last night one of the scariest and most entertaining characters came back to prime time TV with Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen coming back on. Shout out to Louisa! Are you smiling today?
I watched some, but have to check out the DVR for the rest since I was interrupted by the teens. But what a wacky bunch of “chefs” they have. I mean truly strange characters. There is hardly a normal person in the bunch and it makes me wonder why they went so over the top this season. I have to say I was Happy to see the one mohawk of the bunch was real and not faux. Now as to the talent. I’m not sure.

As for the title of my post today… I’d really like to be like the, not a housewife at all, Bethany (in the dots here) of the NOT so Real Housewives of NYC and be able to pack a bag to Miami because I’m upset and stressed with life. Let me tell you baby I’d be on that plane right about now. Ugh!

But guess what? I am a real housewife. With kids and a husband and a dog and a work I need to do and there are wheels that turn because I’m turning them! So I can’t do that.
They all make me crazy. The only one I can half tolerate is Jill (she’s in the black on the right).

Oh well, since I can’t hop on a plane I’m going to do my next best thing and escape to my weekly knitting group then come back home and get to writing and my very real life as a Housewife of NYC.