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Happy Holidays

Hi, welcome to my world. I hope you like it here. I’ll admit it may get a little strange at times.
Well, this is a big step for me, getting into this whole blog thing. I said for the longest time that I’d never do it. Now here I am. Doing it!

So what will my little corner of the Internet be about?

Why me of course. And my DH (dear husband), my now teenage twins: DS (dear son) and DD (dear daughter) and Jack, our terrible and terribly cute Yorkshire terrier.

Honestly, Jack will probably be the star of the show since the other players could possibly sue me if I spill too much and Jack is a born publicity hound. Check out the picture here for proof of how nutty Jack and I can be.

I’ll also be talking about the writing life, my love of knitting and my favorite guilty pleasure, not so real, reality TV.

Happy Holidays!