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    Time to Get Lost in the Season…

    Happy Friday and Welcome this weekend to Autumn! This is my favorite time of year. I can officially slip on boots and pull out my collection of black turtlenecks without fear of looking like one of those overdressed, “are-those-long -sleeves-you’re-wearing?!”  overly cold women. And I can sneer (not really , ok maybe) at all of the die-hard breezy top and denim short hangers on-ers like the summer dreamers that they really are. Time to get with the program and bundle up ladies, grab your nearest hot beverage and get with the chronic chillsters like me. Come on take a seat and relax!

    And speaking of chilling, I’m chilling today with my buddy Maureen McGowan and the ladies over at Get Lost in Story where I’m answering a few questions and giving away a copy of THROUGH THE LENS! Stop on by and check it out if you have a chill moment. Thanks.


    So tell me what do you love about the Fall season?





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    And the winner is….

    Thank you so much to all my lovelies who have shared the love and entered my Tell 2 Friends contest! Your kind words and generosity meant so much to me. And thanks to the Random Number Generator the winner is the super fab Laurie!

    True Random Number Generator Min:
    Result:15Powered by RANDOM.ORG

    Laurie please email me at: kwanawrites (at) yahoo (dot) com with your mailing info and if you would like an Amazon or a B & N gift card so that I can get your prizes out to you!

    Thanks once again to all who entered and for making this a fantastic launch for me with Through The Lens. If you have not downloaded it yet please look to your right and click on one of the links on the sidebar. I think you may enjoy it but of course that’s just the author talking.

    Wishing you a wonderful Monday! Congrats again Laurie!


    All the best,



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    Friday Goodies

    Happy Friday!

    Well, we’ve made to the end of another week. Go us! I hope it was wonderful for you and I hope the weekend is even better. I wanted to share with you all my bookmarks and postcards. Aren’t the beautiful? I’m in lurve with them. And I should be since I have a ton. They were so very easy to upsize. Sort of like popcorn at the movies.

    I also wanted to share that even though Through The Lens is an e-book you can still have it personalized if you like. Well, in a way. I’m now signed up on Kindlegraph and if you go there you can send a message asking for a Kindlegraph and I can send a personalized page to you for your e-reader! Check out the one I sent to myself.  (Don’t judge I had to test it out.) Cute huh?

    Lastly, today is the final day to enter the Through The Lens tell two friends contest. Please click on over here to enter. Don’t miss out. A $25 gift card plus other fun prizes are up for grabs!

    Have a happy weekend.


    All the best,

    K.M. Jackson



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    Babbling On…

    Happy Monday!

    Welcoming the week with a cheery smile and hoping you all had a great weekend. I had a great time as my fantastic block had is annual block party this weekend. Only postponed one day due to some scary storms and off tornadoes in New York, but the next day the sun was shining and the bouncy house came out.

    The Jackster got into trouble early off after stealing two hot dogs in two minutes. Showing everyone that he’s not fit for mixed company. So embarrassing but that’s the Jack.

    That said the party rolled on and today I’m a little tired but still ready to move and on my virtual blog tour.

    Today I’m Super Excited to be over at Kate’s  Babbling about Books babbling about Through The Lens. I’d love it if you’d stop on by and give my guest post a read. And after that please stay awhile. Kate has a fantastic review blog and I know you’ll become a fan as I am.


    Have a great Monday.



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    Friday Goodness…

    Thanks so much for making this a wonderful launch week. It’s been so exciting and tons of fun. Over the next few weeks I will be popping up in different spots all over the web promoting Through The Lens and telling you all about it as I go. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be tired of me before long, but please hang in there, no worries between you all and the Jackster my head won’t get all that big. LOL.

    But really, I can’t thank you all enough for sticking by me and encouraging me as I fought to make this dream come true. I actually do feel like I’ve won the crown this week!

    You have all my love. Have a wonderful weekend!






    P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest and tell 2 friends! Thanks!


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    Your Wife Wrote What?

    Good day folks. So last night I was cracking up as I watched as it started to really hit the DH that I was now published. While flipping back and forth between football and the DNC we were talking about the week so far and he turned to me and said, “So people have read the book? The WHOLE book?”

    With the way he said it I couldn’t help but laugh. Finally those jitters and butterflies over people reading your words that I had been talking about was hitting him and hard. I think it may be because he was kind enough to tell some people at work about TTL and one women went and downloaded it right away coming back to comment on my dedication to him.

    I just looked at him with what was probably a ‘duh dude’ face, but then I took in his nervous eyes and smiled. “Yep,” I said, “The WHOLE book. Hey, it was bound to happen one day.” Then he did that tight lip and run his hand over his forehead thing that he does and I wondered if a certain scenes were coming to his mind. I could practically feel his wheels spinning as he was probably second guessing if telling the folks at work was a good idea after all. Yep, it was funny to me.

    Sweet pretty release day congratulations flowers fm the DH

    Today I’m over at the fantastic Laura Simcox’s blog talking about Through The Lens, my hero and heroine and what a cheap date I happen to be (lucky DH).  Please stop on by here and see why.






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    Hello My Name Is…

    Happy Wednesday! Gee this week is flying by isn’t it? Today I’m hanging out with the Ladies In Red. The Ladies in Red Blog is the fantastic unofficial blog of the ladies of Crimson Romance. Please head on over there where I’m doing a Meet The Lady In Red  -K.M. Jackson (Me!) guest post. Just go on over, say I sent you, and pretend that I don’t over-share over here and you don’t already know all the answers to all the questions. Thanks!


    Also have you entered my tell 2 friends contest yet? Well come on and get in there too!

    Have a great Wednesday. You doing anything fab today? Me, I’m about to have my pipes snaked. Seriously, I’m about to have them snaked and no, the plumber is nothing like either of those guys from that naughty commercial. Oh well.




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    Through The Lens release… The Remix!

    So I’m a published author ya’ll, holla! Through The Lens is here. For better or worse. Gulp.

    And with that I get to clean the clogged bathroom sink and say, “so I’m a published author ya’ll, HOLLA!” It still feels good to say it while I do it. And I do it with lots of attitude all sassy and Honey Boo Boo style while Jack gives me the crazy eye.

    Thank you all so much for the well wishes yesterday. Please don’t forget to go here and enter my contest. It’s a good one!
    This week you’ll get tired of me sending you to other places where I’m blog hopping but believe me you won’t be sorry. Not for the me factor, I’m ok, but once you get there please browse around and get to know these fabulous, maybe new to you blogs. They are all terrific and I think you’ll become instant fans as I am.

    Today I’m over at author Synithia William’s blog talking about my how I became published and Through The Lens. Please stop on by and give it a read and a comment.
    And Oh Boy, Through The Lens is Hanging with Bells. Bells has given Through The Lens it’s very first review! Trust me I was shaking as I read it. She is holding a contest today and giving away a copy of Through the Lens to the winner so please head over there and comment for your chance to win.

    Thank you all so much again!


    All the best,
    K.M. Jackson
    aka Kwana

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    Jumping Through!… Through The Lens release day & a contest!

    No need to Labor, it’s release day for THROUGH THE LENS! Bells, whistles, confetti, hooray!!! I tell you if I were younger and a little more limber I’d be doing back flips right now. But since I’m not then I won’t. But trust me in my heart, past the nerves and the constant feeling of nausea, I’m doing a triple back handspring right now.

    I hope you all are flipping and bouncing right along with me. I also hope you all stop flipping and download it this very week. Heck, this very minute. Let’s make Through The Lens an instant bestseller! Remember that old Faberge commercial? You tell two friends and so on, and so on and so on…  We’ll do one of those chains. I love going retro and it would seem telling my age.


    So to get the ‘and so on’ party started I’m holding a contest. The winner will receive: Their choice of a $25.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, a lovely shawl to ward away that early fall chill  in the air, and  a lovely picture frame to cherish the next moment they capture Through The Lens.

    In TTL, Mika and Ale, though they have known each other for quite a long while, start to see each other with a different view. Tell me has this ever happened in your life?

    So what are the rules for contest entry?

    1. Leave me a comment saying what you have looked at with a new view.
    2. For a 2nd entry Tweet the message: “Get a new view contest #ThroughTheLens by K.M. Jackson @kwanawrites http://amzn.to/NMladw & http://bit.ly/RBUU5v ” and then come back and let me know it was sent in the comments.
    3. For a 3rd entry follow me here or on my official Facebook author page here and  leave a comment here letting me know that you are part of the team.

    Please be sure to leave an email address where I can get back to you if you are the winner if you don’t have follow back capabilities. Thanks so much.

    Sorry but the contest is only open to residents in the contiguous United States.

    Winner will be chosen by Random.org on

    All entries must be in by  midnight EST Friday the 14th.


    Thank you all so much. Really, happy can’t begin to tell you how I feel today. All your encouragement and support over the years on ye old blog meant so much to me. I hope you enjoy Through The Lens and the books that follow.

    And now the shameless plug…

    THROUGH THE LENS can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and on  iTunes


    All the best, with all my heart,

    K.M. Jackson aka Me!

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    Just a Nugget

    I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. Today I’m happy to say that a snippet from THROUGH THE LENS is featured on Denyse Cohen’s site in her Dialogue Nugget Sunday feature. Denyse is another Crimson author and the author of One Hot Wonder which is available now from Crimson Romance. You can head over to her blog here to see more about One Hit Wonder and to read a Nugget from THROUGH THE LENS. Have a great day!





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