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Jumping Through!… Through The Lens release day & a contest!

No need to Labor, it’s release day for THROUGH THE LENS! Bells, whistles, confetti, hooray!!! I tell you if I were younger and a little more limber I’d be doing back flips right now. But since I’m not then I won’t. But trust me in my heart, past the nerves and the constant feeling of nausea, I’m doing a triple back handspring right now.

I hope you all are flipping and bouncing right along with me. I also hope you all stop flipping and download it this very week. Heck, this very minute. Let’s make Through The Lens an instant bestseller! Remember that old Faberge commercial? You tell two friends and so on, and so on and so on…  We’ll do one of those chains. I love going retro and it would seem telling my age.


So to get the ‘and so on’ party started I’m holding a contest. The winner will receive: Their choice of a $25.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, a lovely shawl to ward away that early fall chill  in the air, and  a lovely picture frame to cherish the next moment they capture Through The Lens.

In TTL, Mika and Ale, though they have known each other for quite a long while, start to see each other with a different view. Tell me has this ever happened in your life?

So what are the rules for contest entry?

  1. Leave me a comment saying what you have looked at with a new view.
  2. For a 2nd entry Tweet the message: “Get a new view contest #ThroughTheLens by K.M. Jackson @kwanawrites & ” and then come back and let me know it was sent in the comments.
  3. For a 3rd entry follow me here or on my official Facebook author page here and  leave a comment here letting me know that you are part of the team.

Please be sure to leave an email address where I can get back to you if you are the winner if you don’t have follow back capabilities. Thanks so much.

Sorry but the contest is only open to residents in the contiguous United States.

Winner will be chosen by on

All entries must be in by  midnight EST Friday the 14th.


Thank you all so much. Really, happy can’t begin to tell you how I feel today. All your encouragement and support over the years on ye old blog meant so much to me. I hope you enjoy Through The Lens and the books that follow.

And now the shameless plug…

THROUGH THE LENS can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and on  iTunes


All the best, with all my heart,

K.M. Jackson aka Me!