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    Bundle up… and read

    Bundle up peeps it’s a cold one…

    Christmas shoppers on street, New York, ca_ 1900s


    But of course keep it Klassy. Tell me how are you keeping warm on this cold, cold day or are you one of the lucky ones is shorts and flip-flops and some tropical local? Come on make me jealous. It’s ok. I’ll still love ya.

    And Happy 123rd Birthday to literary pioneer Zora Neale Hurston. I’m thinking bundling up with a classic like Their Eyes Were Watching God would be great way to spend this cold day.

    zora a





    All the best,



    image from Vintage Everyday

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    Friday Flashback- Na, na, naa, na-na-na!

    Happy Friday! Wow has this week bounced by fast. I’ve been playing catch-up after being away at #RWA last week and think I will be for weeks to come. So much to do. In order to get the energy up over here at ye old blog how about a little Friday Flash Back? Jermaine Stewart anyone? I’ll never forget the day I ran into Jermaine down in the village. It was right after this song came out and I was in high school, and of course gushed like the high school girl I was. He was so sweet and kind and took my gushing with such grace. He is still missed today. Enjoy. And dance with me!



    All the best,