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    It’s Sunday

    And I will have a good day or a least a few good moments that I make sure to carve out for myself. THAT is my pledge. Care to join me is a good lounge?




    Painting:  Odalisque with Gray Trousers‘ Henri Matisse 1927 From The MET

    P.S. It’s Matisse and it’s from the Met so it should be cool right? I thought so too 🙂

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    Metro Memories

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is trying to catch a breeze just like me. It’s too hot for the dog to do anything but chill where he can.

    Happy Monday! So summer is officially here. Today the dear twins go to their summer job orientation (Yay for kids working) and I start on getting into my summer writing swing. Let’s hope I swing big.

    I hope you had a good weekend. Me? I heard this song well after midnight on Saturday night while playing Blackjack  waaaayyy past my bedtime and it brought back so many memories. Yeah, it was a fun weekend.


    P.S. Not enough guys with perfect Covergirl coral lips in videos anymore.