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    My Favorites/ Your Favorites

    What’s Jack up to? It’s been a minute since I said what Jack was up to because he’s been fairly quiet. Maybe too quiet. I came home yesterday to find he jumped up to the counter and nabbed a new loaf of bread, ate half, then sort of hid the evidence. Now normally when Jack does something wrong he hides so I know to look for the problem. Not this time. He was bold coming out to greet me like there was not a problem in the world that is until I found the bread stuffed under the counter an hour later. Yeah, then he hid. Grrrr…

    Today I’d love for you to join me at The Loft to help me to build a best book of 2010 list in Women’s fiction and contemporary romance. I sure can’t do it alone so please head on over there and tell me what you’ve loved this year.




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    Hanging at The Loft

    Hi Friends!

    Fun news today on ye old blog. Just to make November a bit more edge of my seat thrilling with you all know college apps, NaNoWrimo, Thanksgiving etc… I’m now part of an exciting new launch called The Loft.

    It’s a new Facebook page from Macmillan for contemporary women’s fiction, romance and chicklit where I’m the moderator! And you all know how much I like to talk so this should be fun for me. I’m so excited for this new launch where we’ll chat about all sorts of goings on in women’s fiction and chicklit is not a dirty word! Please stop on by and “like” The Loft on Facebook. Please join in the discussions so that I’m not talking to myself. LoL.

    Also friend us on Twitter @loftromance

    Oh and please tell a friend. Thanks so much!