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    Come away with me… Books I want to live in for a while… #ListifyLife

    For this week’s #ListifyLife post the theme is ‘Books I Want To Live In For A While’

    List life 1

    And honestly there are so many that I could list all day but here are a few that came to my mind quickly. You’ll notice they are very different but they all take the reader to places with great atmosphere and people/characters that a offer a warm welcome and a good time.

    Listift Books

    I’ll recap here because my handwriting is well… eh:

    Like Water For Chocolate

    How Stella Got Her Groove Back

    Bridget Jones’s Diary

    Eat, Pray, Love

    Jackie Collins Lucky Series

    Farrah Rochon’s Moments in Maplesville series

    Lauren Dane’s Hurley Brother’s Series

    Beverly Jenkin’s Destiny Series.


    What are some books you’d like to get away to?


    All the best,


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    #ListifyLife – Spring for Me is…

    Happy Spring and welcome to week 1 of the #ListifyLife Challenge It’s so funny to welcome in spring when this was the view out my window this morning….

    spring snow

    But no matter, the calendar says Spring and the snow has now melted so I’m going to get with the program and spring it up!

    Here is my first list:

    Spring For Me Is…

    Listify week 1


    Tell me, what does Spring mean for you?


    All the best,


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    Time to List it Up with the #ListifyLife Challenge!

    To know me is to love my quirks. One of the odd or not so odd things about me is that I’m a terrible procrastinator and I thrive (as I drown) under deadlines and live by checking things off my to-do lists. Without them I’m pretty sure I’d get next to nothing done. I know for sure I’d not get the books written that I have or keep any sort of track of the what’s to do in my family life.

    Those that are long time followers of me over here on ye old blog know that the way I keep track of things using my tried and true Filofax planner system.

    filofax malden

    Filofax 1

    If it’s not written down it may as well have been said to the wind. I’ve also come to love Travelers Notebooks for their versatility.

    travelers 4

    I feel so fortunate to have found a group of friends who are just as quirky excited as I am when it comes to all things planning and organization.

    And speaking to that I’m so thrilled about the #ListifyLife Challenge made up by the fabulous Roni Loren (and peep these gorgeous graphics made by Sierra Godfrey ).

    list life 2

    So what is the #ListifyLife Challenge?


    List life 1

    I’m so glad you asked. It’s a weekly challenge which starts on March 20th  and runs through June 19th where you write down your lists in response to the topic prompt of that week. You post a photo of your list on any social media network of your choice (Blog, Facebook, Instagram and hashtag it #ListifyLife so that we can all stay connected. Easy as pie (well easier if you ask me and low cal). Please join in if you like. I’ve got my Moleskine ready and waiting along with my new Frixion markers.

    Listify 1

    I can’t wait to list it up! Please let me know if you’ll be joining in in the comments.

    All the best,