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    Strolling along…

    Happy new week! I hope you all had a lovely Holiday weekend. Mine was very nice and now I’m ready to go back deep in the writing cave. I can’t believe how fast time is going and how slow I seem to be working. Eek! I think my mind is somewhere in Paris with my DD taking strolls down the Champs-Élysées. If you could take a stroll anywhere this week where would you take it?


    Oh and speaking of strolls, I’m blog strolling over at Night Owl Reviews and have an interview over there. Please stop on by if you have moment and check me out. Thanks!

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    When Bootie met the Beast… an interview with author Falguni Kothari plus a giveaway!

    Today on ye old blog I’m so happy to have my RWA chapter-mate and friend Falguni Kothari here to speak about her writing, life and her latest release Bootie and the Beast. Hi Falguni Thanks so much for being here today. It’s a real treat.

    First off can you tell us a bit about your latest work work Bootie and the Beast?

    Thank you for having me here, Kwana. The treat is mine, believe me, as I’d love to tell you all about the Beast.

    As you can probably tell from the title, this book is a delicious metaphor of the traditional “Beauty and the Beast” with a voodoo/fate-tweaking bootie thrown in instead of a rose. (There is a rose involved but only as body art.) So, Bootie and the Beast is the story of Diya “Beauty” Mathur, a slandered Indian supermodel, who on her father’s angry insistence must hideout for a couple of weeks in Krish “the Beast” Menon’s Dallas lair. Beauty and the Beast have a long, bickering history and this cozy little marooning gives them a chance to deal with past issues.


    For supermodel Beauty Mathur, life is one giant pink-colored party. For numbers man Krish Menon, life is all about control. She is vivacious, winsome and has a devil-may-care attitude. He is balanced, beastly and abides no nonsense. She jets about the globe, drenched in designer labels and inspires princely men to act out fairytales for her. He growls instead of talks, snarls instead of asks, and no one on the planet makes the Beast growl or snarl louder than Beauty Mathur.

    Yet for all their differences Diya and Krish are friends—the rarest of friends.

    When Diya gets embroiled in a shocking scandal that not only threatens her reputation but her single-and-fabulous status too, Krish steps in to protect her like he always has. But something is different this time. The Beast has a secret and Beauty will not rest until she peels it off him. The meddling has an unexpected result: it changes the status of Beauty’s relationship with the Beast forever.

    Falguni bootie-beast-press

    Buy link: http://www.falgunikothari.com/bootie-and-the-beast.php

    What inspired you to write this story?   

    Diya is a secondary character in my debut romance, IT’S YOUR MOVE, WORDFREAK!

    Even as an MC’s BFF, Diya Mathur was amazing and fun and the minute I put her in Wordfreak, I knew I had to give her a center-stage story. When Krish Menon (brother to Diya’s BFF, Alisha Menon) made his appearance, it was like a gong went off in my head. OMG! I thought, the BFF and the brother…the fashion model and the numbers man…how perfect. And it was…is perfect.

    Do you feel your works are more character or plot driven?

    Definitely character-driven. I always imagine the characters first. Flesh them out in my mind and the plot/issue they have to deal with comes in after.

    What made you choose this genre to write in?

    I love to read about HEAs and get unrealistically ticked off when a book refuses to give two people who are perfect for each other a happily-ever-after. It’s fiction, for heaven’s sake! You can allow fictional characters to be happy no matter what insane thing you have to do to get them there. I think it’s the Bollywood diet I’ve been on all my life. Bollywood cinema is big on romances and Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Romance, gives me the shivers.

    This is a favorite of mine. Care to share the story of your “overnight” success with my readers?

    I don’t know about “overnight” but yeah, sometimes it feels like that. About 5 years ago, my mother shook me out of my I-am-a-homemaker-and-mother-of-two-and-therefore-satisfied-with-life bubble by insisting I DO SOMETHING for myself. I got married young and did not finish college, so I thought why not jog down that road as I love reading and learning anyway. I decided to start with a couple of online classes at the community college, see if I could in fact study and give tests again. Surprisingly, all the online classes that I liked had something to do with literature or writing. I started with short and sweet courses, not too taxing. One of them was “How to Write a Romance Novel.” It was so much fun that I took another one on Grammar. By this time, I was hooked and had about half a manuscript down. A year later, I finished the manuscript and a friend who had read it pushed me to publish it. “There’s no harm in trying,” she said. “At the most, you’ll get rejected. What’s the big deal in that?” Other than my ego, nothing was wrong with that. But I put on my “brave woman” pants and looked into publishing protocol and found that in the US, I’d need an agent first. I didn’t consider e-pub or self-pub only because I thought until I know the business I’d rather have someone else deal with it. Of course, I was rejected—23 times for Wordfreak—but I did not get dejected as it was all too knew for me. Sometime amidst those rejections, I visited family in India. There, another friend suggested I chuck my manuscript at publishers in India, as my book was so “Indian” even if it wasn’t written in a typically Indian way. So, I did. And a few months later, Rupa Publications, India’s leading publisher, sent me my first contract. And that’s my success story. I know I have been luckier than most in many ways and believe me I do not take my fortune for granted for a minute.

    What a wonderful story is perseverance.  I love it! Lastly, can you share with my readers what we can expect next from you?

    I am in the process of finding a publisher for my Urban Fantasy, a project that speaks to my soul, and is quite aptly called Soul Warrior: The Age of Kali. This story is what I got when I injected the Indian epic, the Mahabharata, with a heavy dose of the Avengers.

    What am I working on? My current WIP is an unconventional love story between three soul mates.

    Three soul mates! That sounds really exciting. Thanks so much for being here today and best of luck with Bootie and the Beast!

    Falguni author photo


    Folks you all can keep up with Falguni here:

    website: http://www.falgunikothari.com

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/falgunikothari.author

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/F2tweet

    Blog: http://falgunikothari.blogspot.com

    Also Falguni has a great giveaway going on right now. Please be sure to click and enter for a chance to win a Kindle!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway


    Thanks again!

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    Breathless… Interview with author Sofia Tate plus a Giveaway!

    Today on ye old blog I’m super thrilled to have my chaptermate and friend Sofia Tate here to talk about her debut BREATHLESS FOR HIM out July 1 from Forever Yours.  Thanks so much for being here on ye old blog today, Sofia. It’s a real treat.

    Thank you, Kwana. It’s my pleasure!

    First off can you tell us a bit about your current work?

    BREATHLESS FOR HIM is a contemporary erotic romance about a billionaire named Davison Berkeley, who comes from a wealthy society family in Manhattan. One night, he retrieves a glove that he lost at a trendy bistro, and the instant he meets the coat check girl, Allegra Orsini, the spark is ignited-he is instantly drawn to her. For Allegra, the feeling is mutual. Allegra is the daughter of a butcher in Little Italy. She is also an aspiring opera singer and a graduate student of voice at a Manhattan conservatory. The lingering trauma of an event that happened to Allegra when she was five years old will affect her relationship with Davison, as will Davison’s ex-girlfriend, Ashton Canterbury.


     What inspired you to write this story?

    The basis of the story is a short story I wrote when I was studying for my MFA degree in creative writing. One evening in my fiction workshop, my professor gave us a story prompt-two left gloves. We had five minutes to write a story about them. I developed the story and titled it “Hearsay,” a word that plays a prominent role in the opening chapter. Basically, the first chapter of BREATHLESS FOR HIM is that story.

    What made you choose this genre to write in?

    Years ago, I tried writing a book in the vein of Bridget Jones’ Diary, but my heart just wasn’t in it. Around 2010, I wrote about 100 pages of a paranormal romance. Then I started buying RT Book Reviews every month to learn more about the romance industry. I read a review of SINFUL by Charlotte Featherstone and bought it immediately for my Kindle. After reading it, I knew I finally found my niche in erotic romance, but instead of historical erotic romance, I knew I’d be better at writing contemporary.

    Tell us a bit about your writing schedule. Are you a Plotter or a Pantser?

    I’m a plotter, but I don’t use a whiteboard or Scrivener. I write in a notebook, always using these red Pilot rolling ball extra fine pens I get at Staples-I guess you could say that’s my superstition. If Pilot ever stopped making them, I’d be devastated. I usually write at night, but I also write during the day when I can.

    This is a favorite of mine. Care to share the story of your “overnight” success with my readers?

    BREATHLESS FOR HIM had already been rejected by two publishers last year before I got the offer from my editor at Forever Yours. It took exactly a month between submission and the offer, which I think is mind-blowing and I’m still in awe of it all.

     Who are some of your favorite writers that have influenced you? (sub-question) What book is currently on your nightstand or e-reader?

    Charlotte Featherstone, Eden Bradley, Samantha Young, Raine Miller, Sylvia Day, Logan Belle, and Kate Pearce. I just finished reading Collide and Pulse by Gail McHugh. Gavin Blake-oh my! That man….

    What advice would you give aspiring writers?  

    Hone your craft. Take writing classes. If you’re an aspiring romance writer, read RT Book Reviews. Go to the RT convention. Join RWA and your local RWA chapter. And READ! Read both in the genre you want to write in and outside it.

    Right now, I’m working on Book 2 in my Davison & Allegra series, DEVOTED TO HIM, which will be out December 2 from Forever Yours.

    Yay! I’m so excited to hear there will be a book 2 on the way! Throws confetti!

    Thanks so much for being here today. It’s been a real pleasure. And now for some extra fun, Sofia has agreed to give one lucky commenter a copy of BREATHLESS FOR HIM, so comment away!  Winner will be announced on Friday!

    sofia authorphoto2

    Sofia Tate can be found:

    on Facebook  here

    on Twitter here

    And you can pick up your copy of BREATHLESS FOR HIM here:


    Barnes and Noble


    All the best,


    Author photo credit: Katana Photography

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    Strictly Professional… and interview with author Christina Jones

    I’m so happy to have an interview with new author Christina Jones on ye old blog today. Christina is a talented author, blogger who is also a busy working wife and mom. It’s a treat to get to pick her brain for a few moments.

    Hi Christina thanks so much for being here on ye old blog today. It’s a real pleasure. First off can you tell us a bit about your current work?

    My latest work, Strictly Professional is the story of a 20-something, Gabi, who is trying her best to gain her independence and make her mark on the world, despite the efforts of her family and a (quite frankly) crazy ex.  In the midst of this, she develops a crazy level of chemistry with someone (Terrence) that it’s probably not a very good idea to become romantically involved with.  On the other side, we have Terrence, who is very focused on his career, and definitely not looking for love.  They both have to decide if they’re willing to risk not only their hearts, but their careers in order to pursue what could be happily every after.


    Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

    I’ve always known that I had a passion for writing, and storytelling, but I did not know that I wanted to be a writer. I started out writing in long hand, back in high school.  I would put together these folders of stories, and pass them around amongst my class.  There was a situation where someone I really cared about wasn’t supportive of it, and I stopped writing for a long time.  I actually hadn’t written in years, and started back up on a whim, writing fan fiction, just as a way to put my work out there, and get feedback from other people.  Then, I found out that I could publish my own work, and I just decided “Hey, I’m gonna write a novel!” So I did.

    Wow good for you, going for it and putting yourself out there. That’s brave! Do you feel your works are more character or plot driven?

    I feel like my work is definitely more character driven.  Before I even put a single word on the page, I get to know my character.  What motivates them, what makes them happy, what pisses them off, etc.  Once I know them well, I’m confident in putting their story down on the page, and I won’t change my character to fit something that I want to happen in the story.  It’s not my story, it’s theirs!

    What made you choose this genre to write in?

    I chose my genre (Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction) because it is one of my favorite genres to read.  The other genre is Fantasy, and I am absolutely not equipped right now for the type of detail and world-building that goes into Fantasy!  I love to be able to escape into a book with characters and situations that I can relate to, and I want to create that type of feeling for other people.

    Tell us a bit about your writing schedule. Are you a Plotter or a Pantser?

    I am absolutely a Pantser!  I have a graphic design business, two small children, a husband, and I’m in college full time, so during the semester, I just have to get in where I fit in!  Anytime I can grab thirty minutes here, an hour there, I take it and do what I can.  I’m definitely more productive during the short breaks from school.

    LOL so just a little busy. Thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today. Lastly, what can readers expect next from you?

    My latest WIP is going to be a bit more fast-paced and fun that Strictly Professional.  It’s a story of two sisters, and their struggles with family, career, and of course relationships.  These women are in their 30s, so it will be a little more grown up as well.  It’s untitled as of now, and I have no idea when I’ll finish, but I’m hoping I’ll be done and ready to start on the second part to Strictly Professional by this Summer.

    Once again thanks for being here. It was a real treat and a pleasure!

    Readers you can find Christina at these sites just a few clicks away.


    Blog- www.beingmrsjones.com

    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BeingMrsJones

    Twitter – www.twitter.com/beingmrsjones

    And your can pick up your copy of Strictly Professional here.

    All the best,


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    Jumping off the page…

    Today I’m excited to say that my main character, Sabrina Jacobs from BOUNCE was “interviewd” by the fantastic M.J. Schiller over on her blog. You can check it out here. Thanks so much for having us M.J.!

    Bounce legs

    And if you’re over here in the deep freeze like me I hope you’re keeping warm and dry.


    All the best,


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    Getting Wordy with Words of Lust author Lise Horton + a Giveaway!

    It’s a lovely day over here at ye old blog and an exciting one as I’m so pleased and honored to welcome my dear friend and fellow RWA NYC chapter mate, Lise Horton. Lise is here to discuss writing, life in the NYC and her fabulous debut novel out from Carina Press: WORDS OF LUST. Believe me folks this is one you don’t want to miss and a voice you will not forget.


    Thanks so much for being here today, Lise. I’m so thrilled to have you over at ye old blog!

    Since I am a long time, ardent admirer of KwanaWrites, I am totally tickled to be here!

    First off can you tell is a little about WORDS OF LUST?

    This novel, my debut, is a contemporary, New York City-set erotic romance in which two very different people are brought together by fate and discover that love – and lust – can overcome all those obstacles: Age differences, IQ, disparate occupations, and even sexual history.

    WORDS OF LUST is a pretty saucy (I adore that word) title. What was the inspiration for that? Did you come up with it or was it an editorial collaboration?

    The idea for the novel itself was the final line of James Joyce’s Ulysses – the famous line where Molly Bloom climaxes, “. . . I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.” I created a woman who hasn’t had the experience of the heroines of the classic erotic fiction she teaches. My original title was Words of Love but it was decided it was not right for an erotic romance. And since lust figures prominently in my story as Nick and Serafina’s relationship blossoms, it seemed quite fitting.

    WORDS OF LUST is a bit of an opposite attracts story (as many of the best are) tell us, what made you pair a professor with a construction worker? Sidebar: Don’t we all love a man that’s good with his hands?

    I adore opposites attract stories because I love lots of conflict that my hero and heroine have to deal with, and what better than coming from different worlds.  It adds another lovely layer of complication and conflict, both internal and external. Nick and Serafina learn to discover that the truth, is hearts don’t recognize class, or wardrobe or bank accounts. And they’re also forced to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of society where loving outside of your group can get sticky. But in the end it allowed me to give my readers that terrific happily ever after and reinforce once again, that love can conquer all.

    words of lust cover

    You are a New Yorker, what does the city mean to you and how does it influence your writing?

    I lived the first year of my life on the West Side of Manhattan. As a child and teen I visited often the historical monuments, the theatre and museums here. And I’ve spent my adult life working here at various jobs, and in various neighborhoods throughout the City. I lived  here for a decade (6 apartments in 3 years before finding my HEA apartment – pre-war, doorman building in the West 50’s – where I got my inspiration for Serafina Luca’s apartment) before moving back to LI to take care of my Mom. So I’ve experienced this grand and glorious metropolis during all the stages of my life and just can’t get enough of it. I am continually both awed and inspired by the life, the energy, the history and the amazing diversity here, both of experience as well as the citizens themselves. As a writer, I have my entire “world” right at my fingertips. So I am incredibly lucky to be able to use favorite neighborhoods, the habits of city dwellers, and attractions like the High Line, to give atmosphere, character and immediacy to my story. And these are a people I love to portray on the page! Like they say, there’s a million naked stories in this City (OK, so I took a bit of liberty there!)

    Now for my favorite question, tell us the story of your “overnight” success.

    As a former singer and actress, I’ve always gotten a kick out of that concept. In fact, while I’ve dabbled for quite a while, I didn’t get totally serious until 2008. That was the year I completed my first full-length novel. I started submitting in 2009, and made my very first professional sale in 2011: A short story called Share and Share Alike in the Ravenous Romance anthology, My First Threesome. The big moment came in November 2012, after I survived Hurricane Sandy and ten days in the dark in the aftermath, AND the ice storm that blew in just when the lights when on. (Although I can now brag I’ve cooked pasta on a hibachi and held back the darkness with my trusty book light and lots of great romance novels.) As you can all imagine, I was pretty burnt out about then. Then I received “the call” from Angela James at Carina Press. And it’s been a storm of a much more delightful nature ever since.

    Lastly, what can we look for next from you?

    I’m very excited to be finishing up book two in the Stellato Siblings series. I’ll be doing some revision and polishing before sending it off to my super editor at Carina Press, Alissa Davis. So I hope everyone crosses their fingers for me that she loves it as much as I do! And in the interim, I will have my short story “My Master’s Mark” included in the upcoming Cleis Press print anthology “Slave Girls”, edited by D. L. King. The story is dark – and it is pure erotica – but incredibly romantic (kinky, but romantic). I’m very proud of it, and thrilled to be in the company of some of the top writers of erotica in fiction today.

    Thanks so much for being here today, Lise. What a great treat!

    I cannot thank you enough for having me here, Kwana, and for being my friend, and being here to celebrate our mutual publications! Here’s to many, many more great love stories and thundering applause for all the readers who can’t get enough of them.


    Lise Horton is a native of NYC and a Long Island suburb. She loves her rescued fur friends, her special needs brother, her mom, and writing books that make readers fall in love – and be just a little afraid. Words of Lust from Carina Press is her debut novel. You can find Lise at her Website:  http://bit.ly/1aRWECL and Words of Lust can be found on  Amazon:  http://amzn.to/19UmTfe and at Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/1cZjZqV Happy Reading!


    Now for some BONUS fun! Lise will give away a digital copy of Words of Lust to one lucky commenter. So please comment away and be sure to leave your contact info. A winner will be chosen on Friday by 12 noon EST.  Thanks Lise 🙂


    All the best,



    Author photo thanks to katana-photography.com

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    Happy Friday! Another week down. This one went really fast. I blinked and it was over. Was this just me?

    I had a great birthday and hope to continue the celebration into a nice weekend and a fun Father’s Day with the DH. last night I finally opened up the Scrivener writing program I downloaded and am diving into that with my newest work. I’ve gotten down 470 new words with it and it only took me 4 hours to do it. I think this new program will be a tough one to learn but I’m determined… for now. Check back with me in a week to see if I have not run back to Word with my tail between my legs. Let’s hope this doesn’t end with my tears all over my keyboard.

    But since there are no tears as of yet please join me today over at fellow Crimson author Vristen Pierce’s blog The Piercing Miss V with an excerpt of Seduction’s Canvas. Please stop on by and let me know what you think. Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend. Tell me, what cha got planned?


    running man meme



    All the best,


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    Babbling about Seduction and Thanks!

    I had the best day yesterday (thanks to everyone for all the well wishes here and on twitter and FB. It was amazing). I’m a little hung-over today from eating so much goodness last night. Sidebar: Calories do count on your birthday. Who knew? Today I’ll be trying my best to get my head back in gear in the real world and the writing life, but all I want to do is play with my fantastic birthday gift: My gorgeous new PEN camera (so new,  I still have packaging on)!



    I suspect for the rest of the summer I’ll be wandering around the city having my own Mika photography fantasies ala THROUGH THE LENS. This will be so much fun.

    Through The Lens Final Cover


    But today it’s not all pretty pictures as I’m hanging over at Katie’s blog: Babbling About Books, and more talking Seduction’s Canvas and my favorite obsession Scandal! Please stop on by.


    All the best,


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    Fashion, Art and Romance

    Howdy! I hope you’re having a lovely one. Please join me today over at fellow Crimsonista, Synithia Williams blog where she interviews me and I’m talking about a few a my favorite things: Fashion, Art & Romance. Click on over here to see what I have to say. Thanks Synithia!



    Édouard Manet (French, 1832–1883)
    Lady with Fans (Portrait of Nina de Callias), 1873
    Oil on canvas; 44 1/2 x 65 9/16 in. (113 x 166.5 cm)
    Musée d’Orsay, Paris, Bequest of M. and Mme Ernest Rouart



    All the best,



    image from here