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Getting Wordy with Words of Lust author Lise Horton + a Giveaway!

It’s a lovely day over here at ye old blog and an exciting one as I’m so pleased and honored to welcome my dear friend and fellow RWA NYC chapter mate, Lise Horton. Lise is here to discuss writing, life in the NYC and her fabulous debut novel out from Carina Press: WORDS OF LUST. Believe me folks this is one you don’t want to miss and a voice you will not forget.


Thanks so much for being here today, Lise. I’m so thrilled to have you over at ye old blog!

Since I am a long time, ardent admirer of KwanaWrites, I am totally tickled to be here!

First off can you tell is a little about WORDS OF LUST?

This novel, my debut, is a contemporary, New York City-set erotic romance in which two very different people are brought together by fate and discover that love – and lust – can overcome all those obstacles: Age differences, IQ, disparate occupations, and even sexual history.

WORDS OF LUST is a pretty saucy (I adore that word) title. What was the inspiration for that? Did you come up with it or was it an editorial collaboration?

The idea for the novel itself was the final line of James Joyce’s Ulysses – the famous line where Molly Bloom climaxes, “. . . I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.” I created a woman who hasn’t had the experience of the heroines of the classic erotic fiction she teaches. My original title was Words of Love but it was decided it was not right for an erotic romance. And since lust figures prominently in my story as Nick and Serafina’s relationship blossoms, it seemed quite fitting.

WORDS OF LUST is a bit of an opposite attracts story (as many of the best are) tell us, what made you pair a professor with a construction worker? Sidebar: Don’t we all love a man that’s good with his hands?

I adore opposites attract stories because I love lots of conflict that my hero and heroine have to deal with, and what better than coming from different worlds.  It adds another lovely layer of complication and conflict, both internal and external. Nick and Serafina learn to discover that the truth, is hearts don’t recognize class, or wardrobe or bank accounts. And they’re also forced to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of society where loving outside of your group can get sticky. But in the end it allowed me to give my readers that terrific happily ever after and reinforce once again, that love can conquer all.

words of lust cover

You are a New Yorker, what does the city mean to you and how does it influence your writing?

I lived the first year of my life on the West Side of Manhattan. As a child and teen I visited often the historical monuments, the theatre and museums here. And I’ve spent my adult life working here at various jobs, and in various neighborhoods throughout the City. I lived  here for a decade (6 apartments in 3 years before finding my HEA apartment – pre-war, doorman building in the West 50’s – where I got my inspiration for Serafina Luca’s apartment) before moving back to LI to take care of my Mom. So I’ve experienced this grand and glorious metropolis during all the stages of my life and just can’t get enough of it. I am continually both awed and inspired by the life, the energy, the history and the amazing diversity here, both of experience as well as the citizens themselves. As a writer, I have my entire “world” right at my fingertips. So I am incredibly lucky to be able to use favorite neighborhoods, the habits of city dwellers, and attractions like the High Line, to give atmosphere, character and immediacy to my story. And these are a people I love to portray on the page! Like they say, there’s a million naked stories in this City (OK, so I took a bit of liberty there!)

Now for my favorite question, tell us the story of your “overnight” success.

As a former singer and actress, I’ve always gotten a kick out of that concept. In fact, while I’ve dabbled for quite a while, I didn’t get totally serious until 2008. That was the year I completed my first full-length novel. I started submitting in 2009, and made my very first professional sale in 2011: A short story called Share and Share Alike in the Ravenous Romance anthology, My First Threesome. The big moment came in November 2012, after I survived Hurricane Sandy and ten days in the dark in the aftermath, AND the ice storm that blew in just when the lights when on. (Although I can now brag I’ve cooked pasta on a hibachi and held back the darkness with my trusty book light and lots of great romance novels.) As you can all imagine, I was pretty burnt out about then. Then I received “the call” from Angela James at Carina Press. And it’s been a storm of a much more delightful nature ever since.

Lastly, what can we look for next from you?

I’m very excited to be finishing up book two in the Stellato Siblings series. I’ll be doing some revision and polishing before sending it off to my super editor at Carina Press, Alissa Davis. So I hope everyone crosses their fingers for me that she loves it as much as I do! And in the interim, I will have my short story “My Master’s Mark” included in the upcoming Cleis Press print anthology “Slave Girls”, edited by D. L. King. The story is dark – and it is pure erotica – but incredibly romantic (kinky, but romantic). I’m very proud of it, and thrilled to be in the company of some of the top writers of erotica in fiction today.

Thanks so much for being here today, Lise. What a great treat!

I cannot thank you enough for having me here, Kwana, and for being my friend, and being here to celebrate our mutual publications! Here’s to many, many more great love stories and thundering applause for all the readers who can’t get enough of them.


Lise Horton is a native of NYC and a Long Island suburb. She loves her rescued fur friends, her special needs brother, her mom, and writing books that make readers fall in love – and be just a little afraid. Words of Lust from Carina Press is her debut novel. You can find Lise at her Website: and Words of Lust can be found on  Amazon: and at Barnes & Noble: Happy Reading!


Now for some BONUS fun! Lise will give away a digital copy of Words of Lust to one lucky commenter. So please comment away and be sure to leave your contact info. A winner will be chosen on Friday by 12 noon EST.  Thanks Lise 🙂


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  • Cris Anson

    Thanks for sharing your world with us, Lise. Loved reading about your “overnight success” story, and especially your characterization of NYC. As soon as I finish my own WIP, I’ll be rewarding myself with reading Words of Lust.

  • Lise Horton

    Still enjoying the chance to be on the blog, and share, and let me take one more moment to celebrate this generous, enthusiastic romance community, readers & writers alike! And all the publishers like Carina Press who feed our passions! Because what the world needs – now & always – is love, sweet love. Or,hot & steamy. Whatever blows your skirt up!

  • Lisbeth Eng

    Great interview! I really enjoyed reading Words of Lust — if you’re looking for hot & steamy with wit and unforgettable characters, I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to more Stellato siblings’ adventures! I can’t wait to read “My Master’s Mark.” It sounds so intriguing.
    Best of luck, Lise, with your blossoming career!

  • Darcy Lundeen

    Wonderful interview, Kwana and Lise. Lise, I know how much you’ve done for the NYC Chapter of RWA and I can only say that I wish your “overnight success story” lasts for many decades to come and reaches great heights you never imagined possible.

  • Lise Horton

    Wow, both Lis and Darcy your comments made me blush and be proud! Our great chapter is a long lived source of education and suoport for romance authors and one reason I have a book published today. I am honored,to have been able to contribute!

  • Reese Ryan

    Waving wildly to Kwana and to Lise–a fellow Carina Press author. I enjoy opposites attract stories as much as I love my friends-to-lovers stories, but obviously for very different reasons. I think what I love most about opposites attract stories is watching the heroine and hero discover new things about themselves and what they really want. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I discover that the thing I didn’t want or didn’t think I needed turns out to be amazing.

    That’s probably why I’m having so much fun with my current WIP.

  • Jessica Gibbons

    Wowhoo! I do love Mr. Nick. I enjoyed hearing a bit more about you, Lise and how great things are sometimes born out of chaos. Can’t wait to see which Stellato brother is next!