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    Fresh Friday

    Wishing you a super fresh Friday and a Happy Weekend!




    Can you tell I’m trying to at least think, if not eat, a little more healthfully? A girl can strive.



    All the best,


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    Eating down the line aka what I did on my Summer vacation…

    Happy Monday!

    Here I am back at my old laptop after a week away on the road with the family and finding it oh so hard to get back into the swing of work again. The DH, DD, DS and I were off to Savannah to visit with the DH’s kin and I have to say I think I ate my way down I-95 and back up again. Of sweet tea how I love thee! Now get back!

    You can see the evidence of my gluttony which felt at times more on the edge of debauchery here:

    So now I’m feeling like some serious Fall get in line action needs to be taken but then again… the summer’s not over yet. Check back with me on that action after Labor Day. Have a good one.