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    Happy 2 P day!

    It’s a 2 celebration type of day. Hooray!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. There will be plenty of cheer flowing around New York and the country. I say do it up in style! Klassy like.

    And Happy Birthday to Patricia of pvedesign!


    Patricia is a wonderful artist, mother and friend.

    I know plenty of you have been touched by her artwork and the daily inspiration she gives out on her blog. If you haven’t been by then click on over.

    Spread some love and stop on by here to give her birthday greetings today.


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    Walking with Friends

    Jack took a stroll yesterday with one of his oldest friends, Bentley!

    Though they paid each other little attention each going their own way.
    And Jack clearly was in no mood to be photographed. Ugh, paparazzi!

    But he was happy to catch up with this friend and so was I.

    Patricia of pve design. Why don’t you pop over here and give her a Hi. I’m sure she’ll have something inspiring to get you over this hump day.

    P.S. I’m still rolling along with The NaNowrimo challenge. The words are addling up nicely. Yesterday was a bit of a bust with the being election day and the kids out of school, but I hope to put it in a higher gear today. I think I can hear you all cheering me on from your homes. Thanks.

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    Portrait of the Artist

    What’s Jack up to? He’s just doing his Monday chill thang. Enjoying ruling the house once again.

    You may have wondered about my cool banner above. Well, it was designed by a wonderful artist and my very dear friend, Patricia Van Essche. I just love how she illustrated me way more fashionable than I really am! What a good friend. Wink.

    I’m one that believes God brings certain people into your life for a reason. Now when I first met Patricia over 15 years ago, as a young girl starting out in fashion, there was no way I would know that so many years later we’d still be fast friends. But that’s what happened. I guess the fact that Patricia was the first, even before my doctor, to inform me that I was having twins sealed the deal!
    Patricia is a a wife, mother of a beautiful daughter and awsome teen twin boys and as you will see here an amazing artist. She can be checked out here at her studio PVE Design or at her blog for her daily thoughts.

    Over the years Patricia has done quite a few wonderful works for me. One of my favorites was the gift she have me of my moving cards where she illustrated my house, truly showing it as the house of my dreams. For the longest time when friends pulled up to the house they were amazed that it really was the house on the card!

    I’m also the proud owner of this lovely “rose” oil painting by Patricia. Yep, I’m starting a collection!

    Being a busy mom and trying to live her dream like so many of us I thought Patricia would be great to interview. Here are a few of her thoughts on art, life and knitting it all together…

    1. It’s a long way from Louisville to Broadway. Is being an artist something you always knew you’d do? How did you get your start?

    Always, loved creating an artful world. My mother always instilled in us to use our talents, all 7 of us. To never be bored and my father had a strong work ethic. They will be celebrating their 60th wedding Anniversary so dedication and commitment comes naturally. If you want something and you love it, one must work at it and it evolves over time.

    2. Whether it be paper or canvas, the blank page can be a scary thing. Where do you get your inspiration?
    Often being scared or on the edge is what it takes, it requires a certain risk, because art is subjective and there are many opinions but I still get a rush when people look at it and say, “Wow” that is amazing and then I say – well, I guess it’s ok, part of me says I can do it better. Inspiration comes all the time, perhaps that was learned – to appreciate everything.

    3. We both know that art and fear seem to go hand in hand, so what made you take a leap of faith and step out on your own?
    Being fortunate to have worked for the best, and then realizing that I had a unique vision and style that it was just time for me to do it for me. It took courage to realize that I was the artist, copier, mail-gal, secretary, accountant, pr agent, all rolled in one and faith, naturally!

    4. As busy wife and mother how do you find the time to do it all and still make it look so effortless?
    Like a mother bird feeds her baby birds, it is only natural to protect –feed – nourish and then push them to fly. My mother always says, “never do for them, what they can do for themselves. I have had to learn to allow help along the way. I also love to help and that gives me strength. We all need and want to be independent but we also need to work interdependently.
    5. Who are you some of your art and style icons?
    Real People, like you with dreams.

    6. Awww!!! Don’t make me cry. Where do you want to go in the future with your art? Paint us a picture. Ha! I couldn’t resist. Sorry.
    Realizing that we are all only here for a short while, I want the future to be one of harmony, bright, pure, peaceful, no war, no disease, no suffering – everyone working towards a common goal to realize we are all here now for only a moment. My painting would be free, loose, and playful.
    Thanks so much for the interview, Patricia and for being a wonderful friend!

    Patricia is currently doing custom work for clients, be it a home sketch, portrait or still life. So if you have a hankering for a special gift for someone or a treat for yourself, please be sure to check her out. You won’t be disappointed.