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Happy 10th Birthday Jack and a contest winner revealed!

Happy 10th Birthday to my Dear Jack!

You always keep me on my toes as there is never a dull moment in a day with you. Thank you for filling our home with joy and laughter and for sending me just the right amount of shade looks to keep me on my writing deadlines!



And not only is today Jack’s birthday but I’m also revealing the winner in this past months 25.00 Gift card give away! And our winner is…..

…….. Michael Smidutz.

Congrats Michael! I will email you to get in touch about your prize.




Folks, no worries if you did not win this time. There will be a now contest next month for Newsletter Subscribers. So please sign up here to subscribe and stay in the know about all of my latest happenings and releases. Thanks!


All the best,