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Beautiful Motivation…

So anyone who follows me on twitter or is in my presence for more than 5 minutes knows, like the rest of just about everybody, I’m Hamilton obsessed. I’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack pretty much Non-Stop (see what I did there?) since it come out.

That said, my friends know I’m also planner obsessed and lucky for me my writer bud, Jax Cassidy is also a super talented artist so I commissioned her to make me up these gorgeous pieces which I plan on putting on my bulletin board for inspiration and putting in my planner to keep me motivated.

Jax 4 (2)


Jax 1 (2)

You can check out more of Jax’s work here at her Etsy shop  or email her at  for a custom work of your own! Thank you so much, Jax for the inspiration, the motivation and the smiles.


All the best,


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