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Bouncing into 2014 with a Giveaway!

Happy New Year once again friends (ok I’ve taken my tree down and it’s been a week so I don’t think we can say that much longer). Anyhoo!!! So here we are and still we’re not all flying about in our Jetsons like cars (now there’s a bit of a letdown for you from the old Saturday morning cartoons). Oh well, if that’s all we have to complain about with the flipping of the calendar, I’d say we’re pretty lucky. As it is I’m sure we could each go on with lots but I’m feeling like now is the time to celebrate, count blessings and look to the future or BOUNCE to the future. Kicking the old to the curb and welcoming the new.

2014 should be quite the busy and exciting year with my 1st self-published novel: BOUNCE just released and come February I will have my final book in my Crimson Series called THREADS OF DESIRE out (can’t wait for you all to read that one).

Yep, so there is much to celebrate going forward and I want to share the joy of my new ventures with you my friends and followers with a BOUNCE with me into 2014 Gift Card Giveaway! So click away for your chance to win.

Entering is easy. Just click away for easy entries, you can tweet about it, follow me on Facebook, sign up for my newsletter to keep up with my happenings for another and answer the question: what are you Bouncing towards in 2014 for another.

Please share this link and tell all your friends about my BOUNCE giveaway. I hope you’ll take a chance and give BOUNCE a try. It’s an exciting new voice for me and I can’t wait to share Sabrina’s story with you all.

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Growing up as a young girl, Sabrina Jacobs could only dream her life would be this good. She has a successful career, a famous sexy husband, two children, a house in an affluent Westchester suburb and a shoe collection worthy of a magazine spread. Too bad it’s all a façade.

It has been almost a year since her husband admitted he had an affair with a younger and bouncier coworker. Follow Sabrina as she tries to rein in her out-of-control life by kicking her husband out on his rear, chucking her career and even firing her too-cute-for-the-job nanny. But how will she survive as a stay-at-home mom in the land of designer clothes, designer kids’ parties and designer babies? Hmm… maybe the hunky young French teacher, who has been flirting shamelessly with Sabrina, is just what she needs to take her mind off her problems. Well, not if her husband has something to say about it. Will Sabrina be able to forgive and still be true to herself?

Now let’s  BOUNCE into 2014 with a renewed pep in our steps!

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