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Life Companion?

So I got a new phone yesterday. After much wrangling in my mind (and on-line, on twitter, and with in-store sales people) between the eye and the Galaxy I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy for my new phone. I was this close to the iPhone and just going with the flow of my family, but the sales person was truly working hard to tell us the expandable benefits of not being tied to the i world (something I did agree with). That said my house is now a house divided with 2 going to space and the Galaxy and 2 going natural with the ifruit (it’s the ladies vs. the men which should be interesting).

samsung 4

Something I found funny in a funny odd sort of way was when I finally got my new phone up and going, the home screen came up it called itself my  “Life Companion”. Wow, tall order for a phone (And I’m thinking putting a lot of stock in a little device that may let you down if dropped in a toilet). It was a bit disheartening thinking of what the world has come to because we truly have made our phones our life companions, putting so much of ourselves online and in that little always handheld by our side thingy. Our schedules no longer written on pieces of paper, numbers no longer memorized in our heads, conversations no longer said face to face, even for lots of us, watches no longer worn on our wrists. Where would we be without our phones? Have they truly become our life companions? Tell me, what would you call your phone?

Right now I’m hard at work thinking of another nice new name for mine. Though loads of fun  and I already love/like it, I’m definitely not making it my “life companion”. I’ve already got one of those and he snores… but at least he spoons too.


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