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…Aaand That Was When I Lost It… BEA 2013- a pictorial

Happy week everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a super busy one and a  busy end of last week with Book Expo being in town and me excited to head on down there in my capacity as a blogger for here and a sometimes contributor for H&H ready to read especially with Scandal being on Summer break. Well, I did got off to quite a rocky start when I got there and was told my credentials had been denied and for no other reason besides me being a blogger (and me getting no prior notification). You would have thought that was when I lost it, but no. Let’s just say there were a few heated moments where questions were asked and not answered and there was talk of banning which could have been interesting but never happened. Oh well, now that could have made for some good press.

Complications aside, I forged ahead and had a wonderful time picking of tons of new and exciting books and getting glimpses of some of my favorite authors.



One book by a new author that I’m so excited about is The Returned by Jason Mott. Jason will surely be a new voice to watch and I hear his book is already in talks for a TV series.

Check out the fabulous, talented  and gorgeous Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer signing her new middle grade book.


Here I am with the amazing Brenda Jackson. And oops, she has now re-named me her author stalker. I’m sure she’s saying thing lovingly and won’t call on security when the day comes that I’m finally signing right beside her (fingers crossed).


Me and my new BFF Megan Hart. She said it first! LOL


And in more excitement I snagged an autograph from Lauren Weisberger for her sequel to the Devil Wear Prada called Revenge Wears Prada. Another, I can’t wait to read.


Oh and here are a couple of the Ellora’s Cave cover models playing rock, paper scissors in between signing calendars.


I also met the charming Elizabeth Gilbert and got an autographed copy of her latest book: The Signature of All Things. She was so sweet and kind when I told her want a fan I was of Eat, Pray Love.


And finally despite there not being an actual copy of the new Bridget book, Mad About The Boy (which I’m still working on getting a copy so that I can do a review) I waited on the longest line ever (I called this guy Smiles to pass the time) to meet Ms. Helen Fielding.



Well, you would have thought I was meeting the President. The closer it got to my turn the more I turned into a Bridget. By the time I got to Ms. Fielding I was stuttering and stammering and telling her what an inspiration Bridget Jones’s Dairy was to me and how I was now published ( Seduction’s Canvas) partially because if it and her. Lawd, I just went on and on. Well, it was then that she looked me in the eye and took both my hands in hers and in this lovely, just as I thought it would be, British accent said, “Well done you.” 


Aaand that was when I lost it.


Have a great one!


All the best,