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Thinking and Reading in the Pink!

On Christmas morning I got a gift from the family that brought the widest smile to my face. A long hinted at Kindle Paperwhite. I have and love my Kindle Fire but I find with all my night reading the Fire with it backlight technology has been a little hard on my eyes also I do like to read late into the night causing my DH to often wake and say are you still up?

Since the Paperwhite came out me and my eyes have been lusting after it and its e-ink down-light technology that is easier on the eyes not to mention the 3G capabilities.  Well let me tell you just a few days in and I’m already in love. It’s compact and light weight and my eyes are breathing a sigh of relief.

Now I’m not giving up my Fire. I still love it for its other features, my email, Netflix, Words with Friends and not to mention my entire cloud library is over there too, shared with the Paperwhite, but as a dedicated e-reader the Paperwhite is it for me.

Now all that said there came the dilemma of a cover. I couldn’t have my Kindle going and getting scratched but the cover quest was something that could make a person like me crazy. Thankfully I had Twitter to go to for my answer. I ended up getting rave reviews for the cover that puts the Paperwhite to sleep and wakes it up when you open and close it.

And going with my new theme for 2013 of brights for the New Year and taking my DD’s direction I decided to step out of my usual black zone and THINK PINK! Happy Reading to me! Hey at least my e-reader won’t go getting lost in the dark.


What do you think? Are you feeling in the pink so far for 2013?



All the best,




  • Kathy

    Love the pink case. My hubby has the first Kindle and just bought a little light attach to it. I need to get him a new one but he hasn’t complained so I might make him wait. The first ones were stupid expensive.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Laurie Sanchez

    I have the original Kindle, too, and still love the “e-ink” concept. My husband kept asking if I wanted the Fire, and I keep clutching my original Kindle to my chest and saying, “no, this is fine. …” I like that it’s easy on the eyes, too, like reading a regular book.