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Old or New School Planning

Am I one of the only ones still fighting the calendar feature in my phone? I never even look at the thing. Well, that is not true. I did try a few times to program a meeting in once and failed miserably. Bells and chimes going off at all sorts of inappropriate times. But that said, my old pen and paper has never let me down.

Though I’m more of a Pantser in my fiction writing I’m a Plotter in my everyday life and I’m the type of person that keeps it old school and still has to write things down on paper for it to be true in my mind. I’ve used a Filofax for years. My kids always know what mom means when she says, “go and get me my red book.” And years before that one it was a book of another color. I have to say the planners seemed to last longer than the phones I’ve had.


Well over the past weekend I got a pretty new Kate Spade leather planner that I think I’m going to love. A happy new color for a Happy New Year! I will say I’m hesitant to write in it but sadly, the year is already starting to fill up so time to get planning. Let me at it!

So are you Old School or New?




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  • pve

    I fine myself moving away from the old school world and embracing an the new online world. That said, if I had a new kate spade journal – well I might be tempted to go back in time.

  • kathleen

    I am old school. It works well for me. For Christmas I received a lovely Day Timer w/a cover the color of the sea. I couldn’t resist, and now it’s my latest and greatest. Have fun putting your own personality in it!

  • Andrea

    I never thought I’d say this cuz I loved my old planner.
    But I do everything on my phone now! If I ever lost it I’d be really LOST!

  • Holley Trent

    I’m a mix of both. I use Evernote – a notetaking program on my Mac that syncs with my phone and iPad to sort and collate my ideas. I use my Entourage (email) calendar to keep track of deadlines and appointments. But goals and marketing stuff? Paper calendar on my desktop.

    If those goals aren’t right in front of me, visible when I’m working, I ignore them.

  • Laurie Sanchez

    I’m old school all the way, Kwana! Love my pretty Day Runners and book-like planners I can carry around. There’s something sort of cathartic, too, about handwriting notes to myself (helps me remember them, too), and especially making little checks when things are done! 🙂

    I currently have a bright red cover that I love (never gets lost!), but man oh man, I’m already lusting over your new Kate Spade one!!! I’m going to have to go look those up. Love the zip-around cover, too. …