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In the Dark…

So I’m a little tired this morning as I type this after spending a restless night without power which went out about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and as of this moment it is still not back on.  Let me say you never know how many things in your house have annoying battery backups that will go out and start beeping in the middle of the night until you have a nice long 12 hour power outage and you are left fumbling for the source of the beeping in the dark.

And it’s really no fun when at 5:45 the security alarm back up goes out which now wakes up the whole neighborhood but you just can’t see them all flip on their lights because they don’t have power either. But you hear them and their dogs barking over your poor dog barking too. What a mess.

All that said, I’m up. And hopeful that the lights will be on soon. And I’m grateful for my up the hill neighbor and friend with power and coffee. And later I’m going to buy some more D batteries before the snow comes and real bad weather hits.


Have a good Wednesday!





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Update: I got back into the light a little after 12 noon. Feeling all fancy with light flipping and laundry drying. Whee!!! 

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