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A Date with Destiny… Interview with Elizabeth Meyette

Today I’m proud to have fellow Crimson Romance (I still love saying that) author , Elizabeth Meyette on ye old blog. Elizabeth’s novel Love’s Destiny is a historical romance and part of Crimson’s official June launch. Go Elizabeth!


Before I get into the questions here is a bit about the book:


When Emily Wentworth’s father dies at sea, her father’s friend—and Emily’s appointed guardian—Jonathon Brentwood arrives at her home in London to take her with him to the colonies. Emily, just 17, has decided that she is fully capable of taking care of herself and sets out to prove that to her new guardian.

Emily’s one chance to remain in London is to marry, but when the opportunity arises, she knows she would rather follow Jonathon across an ocean to a land in upheaval than to stay safely in London.

But Jonathon’s involvement in patriot activity against England disturbs—and threatens—Emily, a loyal subject of the king. The colonial rebellion is the backdrop for misunderstanding, fear, mistrust, and danger. Will love’s destiny ensure that Emily and Jonathon stay together, even in the face of death?

Thanks so much for being here Elizabeth. First, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Have you always known you wanted to be a writer?

Hi, Kwana! Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I grew up in upstate New York, and now I live in Michigan with my beloved husband, Rich.  We have a lovely family: our daughter Kate and her husband Todd, son Matt and his girlfriend Rachel, and daughter Kristin, her husband Tedd and our grandchildren Tommy and Molly.  I know I was always a frustrated writer because when I taught all that wonderful literature to my high school students, I knew that writing books was what I really wanted to be doing. I retired from teaching early to pursue my writing career and I haven’t looked back.  I say I “failed” retirement because I work hard every day. But it doesn’t feel like work because I love it so!


What drew you to writing historical romance? I’m a big fan of the genre and can’t wait to give Love’s Destiny a go.

I love learning about other places, and I am fascinated by the past.  Imagine what it was like to eke out a living on the frontier or not have all the conveniences we have today.  I always wonder what it was like for people back then and think of how strong they must have been. I had recently visited the Jamestown and Williamsburg Virginia area when I started writing Love’s Destiny, and I knew that was the setting I wanted. Plus the romance of the beginning of our nation…I couldn’t resist it! And I’m a sucker for a happy ending.  When I finish a novel, I want to feel satisfied, sort of like justice was served, the good guys won, and the lady got her man.

Going from the blurb I can see that your heroine, Emily is young by today’s standards at 17, but I’m thinking appropriate for the time period. What made you choose that age for your heroine?

I did extensive research while I was writing this, and it was typical for young women to marry by age 17, even younger.  But it was also common for men to be considerably older as Jonathon is at age 28. Because childbirth was so difficult, and infants often died, women had many pregnancies throughout their adult lives. Starting young was necessary.

If you were not writing what would you be doing?

Well, I would probably still be teaching, but my secret dream was to be a torch singer, dressed in sequins, draped over a baby grand singing in a husky voice in a smoky lounge.

LOL. I love that answer! Now my favorite bit, please tell us the story of your “overnight success”.

I’m so glad you put that in quotation marks to signify satire!  My overnight success took 30 years.  I wrote Love’s Destiny on a dare when my daughter Kate was an infant.  Then it sat in my closet, as many manuscripts do, until I retired.  Now I feel like I am giving life to my characters and I am so excited! I’ve been getting positive feedback and reviews from readers, and some good local press.  It’s all a dream come true!

Wonderful! What can we expect next from you?

My friends who helped with editing and reviews are clamoring for a sequel, so I am working on Love’s Spirit.  I think this might become a trilogy with Love’s Freedom as the third novel. Also, on our recent trip back to New York my d.a.m. inspiration (divine attendant muse) hit me with an idea for a suspense/paranormal set in the Finger Lakes region of NY.  I’ve got the first page and some notes written on it and it’s haunting me already!

That sounds fantastic. Thanks so much from being here today and I’m wishing you much success with Loves Destiny!

Thank you, Kwana. And best of luck to you with the release of Through the Lens!

Thanks so much. You can find Elizabeth on Facebook and her blog

And you can get Love’s Destiny over at Crimson Romance here