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Summer Dreamin’

It’s that transition time, cool in the morning (ok, downright cold) and you bundle all up to head out to start your day. But then by the time lunchtime arrives, the sun comes out full blast bringing with it a warmth that you had almost forgotten existed. So you start to slowly peel away those layers as you wiggle your foot out into those little spots of golden light. It is there that you get that lovely taste of warmth that has you pausing and dreaming of the summer days to come.
Me, I’m starting to flirt with the idea of shedding my winter layers of suede boots and ugh, those seen better days, sneakers (that come to think of it have not seen enough of the gym while it was still cold.) and going for something prettier and lighter to put a new spring in my step.

Now me being a tall girl, I’m not one to teeter around on some spindly heels so I always gravitate towards the classic espadrille as a go to summer shoe. Something about that natural rope style always takes me away to a calmer place. It’s like a vacation for your feet. I’m glad to see that this year there are plenty of styles to choose from ranging from your basic flats, which I adore, to fun and flirty stacked sandal styles that add height while still giving a girl like me (klutzy) much needed stability.

With so many espadrilles styles to choose from I can feel a shoe frenzy coming on. But first I’m thinking a trip to the nail salon for a long overdue Pedi is definitely in order. Another place I hardly saw over the winter months. Uh oh.
Tell me what is your favorite warm weather shoe style?
Side note question: Do you, like me, skip the Pedi’s during the winter?



  • Kathy

    Oh yes I skip the pedi all winter…I’m due and heading to get one this weekend! I’m currently on the hunt for navy blue espadrille for a wedding. I don’t do high heels…poor balance! I love espadrilles and my fit flops! Ah…so happy warmer weather is here! Enjoy!

  • pve

    In the winter months, I make a home made scrub, olive oil, lemon, sugar and then moisturize. I myself love ballet flats, espadrilles and driving shoes….and for going out a wedge or a pump always makes me feel dressed up.
    Summer will be here before we know it!

  • Joyce

    I like espadrilles and anything with no heels. I can’t believe I use to stand in heels when I was younger. I don’t do ped in winter, but I had my first of the season yesterday. Winter, Spring Summer and Fall I daily lather up with cream. If I’lm lucky I can sweet talk a couple of feet rubs out of my love. xo

  • Ina in Alaska

    My favorite warm weather shoe style is just being happy I am on snow-free pavement & not clomping around in heavy boots. Here in AK we must carry our good shoes to put on when we arrive wherever we are going. I have lots of shoe choices from heels to sparkly tennis shoes to wear.

    Never do pedis- my feet are awful. I don’t let anyone see or touch my feet, the toenails area disaster as are the bottom of my feet….

  • Elen Grey

    Yes, I skip the pedi in the winter, but I got the first one in March this year, because the weather was good….and I felt like it. I’m seeing a lot of shoes I’m pretty sure I wore in the 70s. O.o Of course, I was a young and tender age…

  • a

    Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same
    page layout and design. Superb choice of colors!