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This weekend has been a tough one for so many of us with the sudden death of Whitney Houston at just 48 years old. Making us think of how fragile and unexpected life is. So many of us who were fans of hers and had been rooting for her to make her comeback now feel a hollow hole where that space of hope once was.
But that’s how life is. It’s one where we don’t have the answers and all that I can get out of this, past the sadness of it and the sorrow for a mother, a daughter, a family is how pointless it is to spend time in your own hollow hole. It’s so easy to do. But after a while that hole may become a comfort for you and then may even turn on you. No longer the hole or hope it once was but something deeper and darker, something dangerous.
I say today make a decision to climb out. Spend sometime in the sunshine. Take a moment to laugh and dance and sing or do whatever it takes to bring you a smile, happiness, JOY.
It will be good for your health.



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