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Tears Dry on Their Own

This has been a tragic weekend with my heart breaking for the people of Norway and today hearing about Amy Winehouse. My DD and I shared a love of Amy’s music and both had hopes for her to recover to live a happy life. Sadly, this was not to be. We shared tears for Amy and her pain.

I told both my teens how much I loved them today. Had them make a promise that I know is so hard to keep, to please stay off drugs. Pray to God for guidance always, Love and respect themselves and to use me as that voice of conscience and sounding board when times get hard, no matter how hard.  I would be there. The seemingly easy way always turns out to be harder.  I would love them forever.

RIP Amy.




  • Ina in Alaska

    I can’t believe what happened in Norway- horrifying!

    Thanks for sharing that song; I’ve never heard it-was not a Winehouse fan but sorry she could not beat her demons.

  • N

    I love you found this shot of her. So…”normal”. Gets to the humanity. I knew you would post on it. So , so sad.

  • Joyce

    It has been a tough and sad day for many. I pray for all the parents today who lost a child. Beautiful words for your children and a solid foundation you gave them. xo