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He’s up… He’s down

What’s Jack up to? Sorry it’s been a long while since I’ve given an update but things have been pretty quiet on the Jack front.

I guess that’s due to the fact that this has been the stormiest winter ever. Poor Jack has been mostly stuck inside with doing nothing much but turning into a little Cousin It and growing his hair way too long. Is there a dog under there?


I had to do and ultra close up just to get a pic of his sweet eyes. See. Coming in close. ..


Lately his favorite game is going on the couch where I don’t want him and jumping down with a loud thump when he hears me coming around the corner. Yeah, we do that quite a lot. It gets us through the day. It’s the little things.

So what have you been up to to keep you entertained this Winter?





  • Joyce

    His game of jumping off the sofa reminds me of a baby playing dropsy. Laughing as you bend down to pick up the cup or toy. LoL..

    Oh that cute little Jack. What happened to wanting (still do) a dog like Jack… now I have a crazy dude airedale/?? pup keeps me dancing, but I love him. xo