And the Fashion Oscar Goes to…

So did you watch last night? No matter it was dullsville in quite a few parts. Honestly, to me the Red Carpet was more lively than the actual show. Here are my favorite Red Carpet looks:

Loving Natalie looking pregnant and beautiful, Mila gorge, Hailee so sweet and Anne loving the red.

Halle, Kate, Celine and Camila (girlfriend of Matthew McConaughey) hit it out of the park with their looks. I so want that black gown. And I’m giving a special nod to Kate for making me look twice before I decided her dress was really a work of art. Thanks Kate for not playing it safe.


Down here Jennifer, Gwyn, Amy and Nicole sadly don’t make the best list. They do get E’s for effort but there is something a little off with each look that keeps them for hitting their marks.




images thanks to New York Times


  • pve

    I watched too, with a pair of toothpicks to keep my eyes wide open. Funny what Fashion can do to stir my love for design.
    Great eye Kwana, I agree with your post and your picks.

  • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

    I too adored Cate’s dress and loved that she didn’t play it safe. I also adored Jennifer Hudson’s dress as well. I thought it showed off her fabulous figure to perfection. Didn’t love Gwyneth’s gown or Nicole’s, and I’ve seen Amy Adams look better.

  • Maria Geraci

    I thought Natalie looked lovely and Mila’s gown was exceptional.

    I agree that Jennifer Hudson didn’t look great. I know she’s lost a lot of weight, but her face looked plastic and when she was on the podium she looked frightened and wooden.

    And poor Gwynth. Not only did she look awful, her singing was pretty awful too. You could see by the look on her face while she was singing that she knew it as well.

    I say, bring back Billy Crystal!

  • ArchitectDesign

    the hosts were a SNOOZE fest even if anne was gorgeous and sometimes adorable. No comment on the OTHER host.
    I thought the best dressed of the night were Jennifer Hudson (how did she get so skinny!), Celine Dion (those sleeves!) and of course -Nicole Kidman looked AMAZING even if her dress was just so-so.
    Is it me, or did Gwenyth Paltrow’s hair look super fried? Was it a bad wig?

  • laura @ the shorehouse

    I saw SO many movies this year…I feel the least they could have done was put on a good show for me. 😉

    I think I share the same fashion taste with you…I gasped (in a good way) when I saw Mila and I have to say, her and Cate were my top picks. I loved the color on J. Hud but wanted to tuck the girls in…otherwise I was stunned by how fabulous (odd cleavage aside) she looked.