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Happy New Year once again! Are you all ready to charge ahead into 2011? What’s Jack up to? Well take a look at him.



The poor thing is a hot mess and just miserable with this space bubble on his head. The bubble is to keep him from biting his irritated paws. Then he has to take eye drops to deal with allergies. Yeah, I have a dog with allergies. Nice. And the topper? Antibiotics for as the doctor says, “a touch of Lyme” Double UGH!

That said….Happy New Year from Jack, the bumping into walls, driving me batty still begging, space dog! Forever forging forward.





  • kathleen

    Happy New Year Kwana and to Jack as well. I feel sorry for the little guy. He’s got a few things going on…which means you do too. Vet bills can be high. I know from my last cat Leo who was diabetic.
    Good Luck with everything!

  • Marilyn Brant

    Awww, Jack is adorable…so sorry to hear about the allergies, the paws and the Lyme disease! Hope he heals quickly and you both can have a very happy, healthy 2011 ;).

  • Kathy

    Aw Poor Jack! I hope all his issue clear up soon! I have spent a small fortune trying to figure out Sophie allergies it’s maddening!

  • Kwana

    Thanks for a the well wishes for Jack and I’m sorry you’re going through it with Sophie too Kathy. Yes the vet bills are so high. Whew!

  • Joyce

    Poor Jack. EEKS a touch of Lyme- he is really lucky it is only a touch.
    They do have soft bendable cones of course they cost more than his space one.
    My husband was just mentioning how much it cost to have Bo’s toenail fixed that he split last week ($200).
    Has the vet checked Jack to see if he allergic to wheat or chicken? These are most common things dogs are allergic to in the food department.
    This has to be uncomfortable for him as well as batty for you my friend.
    Hugs to you both! xo