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Delayed Start

Not sure what to say about today. It’s a delayed school start due to yet more snow which I’m completely over by now. All these closures and delays have me delayed with getting on a normal track for the New Year. I’m still feeling out of line from the holidays and not quite where I should be yet. I know I’m not the only one judging by all the grumblings on twitter.  Feeling like I’m having a delayed start. How about you? Let’s hope for some calm within the next few weeks. And then it will be Game ON!  In the meantime… Happy Friday!



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  • kathleen

    In the beginning of January, I felt alittle let down after all the holiday festivities. After we took down all the decorations, I decided to go to Pier 1 and buy a few new pillows for the living room sofa. What a difference in the living room, and me! That was the uplift I needed, and the same holds true for the sofa. The best part was it didn’t break the bank.

  • Kathy

    I hate January…it’s a lot of pressure ….February feels closer to Spring and more hopeful! We are having a blizzard and I fear I may start baking soon!Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

  • victoria

    We also have multiple school delays and cancelations over the last few weeks…
    It always throws me off.
    But I try to keep to my schedule and actually enjoy these winter weeks.
    Take a walk and let the winter sun lighten your spirits!
    Happy weekend, Kwana!

  • pve

    I am pushing myself to get work done to meet a few deadlines….The show must go on….the snow must go on too!
    Make some deadlines….for yourself. They help me.

  • Elen

    Love the image you used for this post, Kwana. We all feel that “Delayed Start” feeling at some point or another. You’ll be back on track soon.