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Who’s Hungry?

Oh Happy Day!

Why you ask? Because we have a guest on ye old blog today and it’s a really great friend, one of my critique partners, Jeanine McAdam.  Now the relationship between critique partners is a very special one and in some ways like a marriage because it is based in mutual trust and respect and filled with highs and lows (lots of whining over the business and all that). You put your most basic self out there (your words, your ideas) and trust another person to come back with their honest, thoughtful and hopefully caring opinion of it. Talk about vulnerable; better be careful when choosing that critique partner.

Well I’m so happy and proud to have Jeanine (one of the trusted ones) here to talk about the release of HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE and her part in the anthology out now from St. Martin’s Press. 

Hi Jeanine, Tell us a little bit about HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE. I mean Zombies and love? What a mix there. 

Hi Kwana, HUNGRY FOR YOU LOVE is a collection of twenty one zombie romance stories.  My story Inhuman Resourcesis in there along with New York Times best-sellers Lois Gresh and Brain Keene.

The blurb from the back cover explains it best:  “Romance ain’t dead…it’s undead.  In this thrilling zombie anthology, horror fans will finally get their fill of zombie-on-zombie action, zombie-human love, and zombie smut.  Because why should vampires have all the fun?”

 So what’s your story about?   Let the readers know. It’s gotten great reviews and I can attest is so funny and cute.

“Inhuman Resources” is about Claire Defoe an office worker who doesn’t like her wheezing, moaning, pealing and flaking co-workers.  However, in this economy she has to put up with them.  Rafe comes in and tells Claire her fellow paper pushers are zombies.  Claire doesn’t believe the nerd with the smug attitude, she thinks her co-workers symptoms are the result of too much time under the florescent lights.  Things change when Claire’s boss tries to chew on her thumb and Rafe comes to the rescue.  Suddenly Claire notices the zombie hunter’s athletic build and skill at disposing the undead.

Publishers Weekly called Inhuman Resourcesalong with Dana Fredsti’s First Date “zippy stories about the sexy turn-on of successful zombie hunting.”  Also RT Book Reviews gave HUNGRY a four star review and Inhuman Resourceswas mentioned again.

You have sold over 26 short stories to True Romance and True Experience Magazines. Why do you love the short story genre so much? How do you feel this prepared you for your publication in the HUNGRY Anthology?

Short stories taught me how to write.  In five to eight thousand words I establish a conflict, create interesting and engaging characters and build a meaningful plot that maintains itself all the way to the end of the story.  It’s been a great lesson and wonderful to be published monthly.

So Jeanine what’s next for you? 

I’m working on a paranormal short story for Harlequin’s Nocturne Bites about an eco-terrorist trying to save a tree and a hunky fairy who thinks she should save the forest.  Plus, he’s got a big chip on his shoulder about being a member of the fair folk.  Too many stereotypes for this alpha male.

Thanks for having me today!

Thanks so much for being here Jeanine!

Now for some fun, one lucky commenter will receive a signed copy of HUNGRY FOR YOU LOVE from Jeanine so please comment away. Winner will be announced on Friday.

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