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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

What’s Jack up to? Sorry I have been quiet on the Jack front lately but I have been so swamped with the dear twins and college stuff that there has been to time to stay on the mischievous Jack. And believe me he’s taking full advantage of it. Getting into things were he can. Sneaking into bookbags and sneaking snacks. Reaching high countertops and getting what he can there. Even feeling his wild oats and going off the porch and chasing after big dogs who dare come up the street. Yeah, that one just about gave me a heart attack. Big trouble there.  Good thing the dog thought little Jack was a joke. I didn’t and he’s on the leash for good now. So that’s what Jack’s been up to. Never dull.

We have a winner in THE ARMS OF THE ENEMY contest. Thanks to the random number generator it looks like Lisbeth will be sending her book clear across the country to our friend Ina In Alaska! You picked a great day to comment Ina and you get a free book from Lisbeth. Please send me your mailing info and I will be sure the book gets to you. Enjoy!


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