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Oh boy so it’s a big day today. A DIY kind of day with a whole lot of Oh La La thrown in. Today I’m going to be in the audience for The Nate Berkus Show. How? Why?

Well, it’s blogger day over at Nate, well technically décor blogger day and you all know I’m pretty much a writer that talks about books, fashion, family, life and I drool over décor and show you pics of Jack on my getting a little tired couch while trying to hide my curtain situation. Yeah, it’s a situation. Shhh. Don’t tell the pretty bloggers.

But I do love good décor and adore cutie Nate. What a dream to have him come and fix up my little cottage in Freshchester. Quite swoony and hey, this gets me like what, 1 degree from my girl. Ahh- AAhhhh….. (queue angels singing)





P.S. still in a tizzy over what to wear. Ugh.