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Half Gone

What’s Jack up to? As I write this Jack is still in trouble but has a full belly since he got to a whole pack of hot dog buns while the family was out shopping. I guess the buns were too close to the edge of the counter and fair game for Jack so my bad and it’s back to the grocery for me. Grrrrr!

Happy Monday and Happy August. I can’t believe that over half the summer is gone. This is the last week of the dear Twins summer jobs which makes me sad. I feel that time has just spun away and once again I’m running to catch up.

Once the kids are out we’ve only got a few weeks to get our minds straight for …gulp, SENIOR YEAR. I can’t believe it. These last few weeks I will be busy with getting the twins ready for school and hopefully getting college on their minds by visiting a few. I’d also like to slow down and enjoy the time with them as much as them being teens and me being mom will allow me to do:)  (All day in the mall with The Diva yesterday and I’m pooped).

So that said,  I may be sporadic on the blog at times and light on words so please forgive me if I am. Do come back though. I plan on having a great artist interview this week and some other fun.

Wishing you a great and sunny week even if  it’s rainy which is what expected a lot in the NYC this week.




image: window chime from DS


  • Colleen

    I can’t believe we are screeching towards the beginning of the school year either. Senior year – x2 – so exciting! Stay cool – literally & figuratively.

  • purpleflowers

    That Jack is always into something. He’s a cutie though.

    You must have mixed feelings about watching your twins grow up, and knowing they will be flying away soon. I hope that’s not to much to take on a Monday morning.
    It will all work out for the best!