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What’s Jack up to? Hmm… I know Jack’s been up to something when I come in the front door and he doesn’t come forward to greet me. I’ll call him and there will be no reply. Now it can be one of 2 things. 1)an intruder could have come in when I was out and, well, I don’t even want to go there or 2) Jack’s in trouble and he knows it. Usually I can find him either under my bed or in the basement in his crate or his favorite spot is in the hall closet which is never closed because Jack knows how to open the pocket door with his paws. So when this happens I leave him be and go investigating. My latest find was on the kitchen floor. A ripped apart and empty bagel bag. Don’t ask me how he got to it. I thought it was in the fridge. Oh Jack you are good.

So I’m getting elbow deep or maybe it’s knuckle deep at this point in my lace project. I can’t tell you my frustration with this thing. Well, really I can but first isn’t this book cover just gorgeous. I’ll have to put it on my TBR list.


Now back to my first time at lace knitting. Grrrr…. First off the counting or miscounting if you are me, every row a different count. And then it was the fact that my needles were way too close in color to my yarn. Eyes crossing.

So after unlacing so many times I took a trip to the craft store and brought some deeper rosewood needles and started again, and again and again.


Finally I opted for a smaller scarf repeat instead of a shawl and I started again so this is where I am now.


This is going to be a long project. At least I’m plotting while I’m knitting or unlacing if you will.

How’s the hump day treating you?