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What’s Jack up to? Jack has been enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having so far this week and keeping me very good company while I sit outside to get some editing done, this is until the annoying bees on the porch drive us away. Ugh. Anyone have a remedy to keep the bees away? Jack and I would really like to enjoy the porch more before the dog days of summer come.

Today it’s more editing and then a Wednesday much needed yarn break and chat session with The Knitsters. Thanks to the PIC for directing me to this calming pic.


What do you do for a mid-week mini-break?




  • Sheryl

    Good Morning Kwana,
    What do I do for a mid week break, hummmm….maybe that’s my problem, I don’t take a mid week break. I really kind of like that idea.

    We are always so much on the run and try to take our break on the weekend but why not take one mid week to renew ourselves.

    Thanks for the great idea. Par for the course we already of plans for today but I am working on nothing for next Wednesday 🙂

  • pve

    Wednesday is a good day to ask myself, “How am I doing?” I need to check my lists, chores, work, exercise and remind myself to appreciate every check I make! I look forward to my knitting break, although I have a ton of sketches buzzing all around me. The hardware store sells this elixer that that bees are attracted too. You know the hardware store here!

  • Joyce

    I like your mid week break sharing it with good friends around the table. My mid weeks vary from maybe lunch with a friend, to enjoying the backyard to spending the afternoon with my love. Have fun this afternoon! xo

  • Ina in Alaska

    Probably my mini break is Champagne Thursday with my neighbor Joan. Our CTs are slowing winding down. She is going to sell her house and move to California. She is so much more fragile these days than I have ever seen her. I am glad for her new life ahead. Alaskan wnters are just too long and cold for someone who is frail.