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Happy President’s Day

What’s Jack up to? Jack is doing well. Missing the Dear Twins but happy to have all the attention of the house to himself. It’s all about Jack right now… but really when is it not?

I hope you had a nice Valentine’s day. Mine was lovely spent with the DH and seeing him sing in the male choir for Men’s day. Here’s a pic of my pretty roses that he gave me. What a sweetheart.

In honor of the Dear Twins I’m keeping up with the French theme this week with this pic of our President and First lady on their past visit to France for President’s day today.

So far I hear the twins are having a wonderful time, visiting Versailles yesterday one of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion. They even got to go into more private rooms like the opera house which is not for pubic view and sit. Lucky kids. I’m so glad they are having this experience. Their teachers blog for the parents every night and send us pics to tell about the trip. It looks like a blast. Yesterday there was even a sweet Valentine message video from Versailles.

Happy Presidents day to you. Enjoy!