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What Cha Reading? January edition…

What’s Jack up to? Jack us up to his old tricks. He got into the DS’s gym bag yesterday and had his way with a granola bar leaving only the wrapping on the couch as evidence.

So What Cha Reading? We are having the hardest time with a book club selection for our mom’s night out/ book/ drinks group. We did choose The Lucuna by Barbara Kingsolver but it didn’t stick so then a few choices were handed out as to another pic, one being Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest Committed which I still want to read since I loved Eat, Pray, Love. Now I know this may not live up to the original but still I’m going in. It also didn’t stick with the all members so I’m afriad the Book/drinking/mom’s night out group might lose the book part because I am not ready to lose the other parts.

Mom needs a night out!

Either way, right now I’m reading Countess of Scandal by Laurel McKee. I just got a change to get into it during the DD’s dance class but so far it’s a win!

Here is the blurb:

Eliza Blacknall and Will Denton were childhood sweethearts, growing up on neighboring estates in beautiful County Kildare. But adulthood finds them on opposite sides of the monumental and violent struggle of 1798, as Eliza supports the United Irish in their quest for independence, and Will is a major in the British Army, sworn to uphold the Crown. The passion for each other burns hotter than ever—but can it survive as their world crumbles around them?

Check out Laurel’s site here.

So what are you reading?