Knitting,  my view

A Long and Bumpy Road

Today is Knit Wednesday when I get to meet with my knitting group and kick back, laugh, joke, eat and knit a bit so I thought I’d share pics of the turtleneck that I FINALLY finished a little over a week ago. It only took me about a year to get this thing done and you can’t really call it a turtleneck since I ran out of yarn before I could properly finish the neck.

Oh well… done is done and I am D.O.N.E.

It looks quite handmade and a bit wonky as anything I seem to finish does, but no matter I’m flowing with it.

Oh and please ignore my lumps and bumps too. Blame it on the yarn. Okay? Hmm..Thanks.

My next project is an attempt at an infinity scarf I won’t be trying another sweater for a long while. I just hope this doesn’t take an infinity to finish.


P.S. old glasses in the pic. Waaa I miss them.