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A Fresh Wish for 2010

Happy 2010! Well, we made it here, now what are we gonna do with it? Gah!

A fresh year, a fresh decade to start all over again. And to say goodbye to the old crap that didn’t come to pass. I for one will fight to let those things go and work to embrace the new dreams of today.

The DD had a fine idea of going back to an old tradition that I had made up and forgotten about after we moved to the new house in the new town a few years ago. When the twins were small we always stayed in on New Year’s Eve and we’d blow up paper bags and make a wish in them and then pop them for the New Year. Don’t know where I got the idea or why I forgot it, but I was very happy that it made an impression in the now teen DD and she wanted to go back to it.
It was a tough 2009 and it felt good to go back to the old family traditions and start the year on a fresh wish.

Cheers to you and wishing all our dreams come true this year.