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Goodbye 2009

What’s Jack up to? Jack is chilling ala Jack style this last day of the 2009. But yesterday he got into a bit of trouble when he ran out of the house and over to the neighbors to bark and him and a friend for daring to just be out and minding their own business. Jack would not come home until the neighbor jogged over to my house and into the front door. Good to see Jack is still being Jack. Feisty huh? Sigh.
So yep, it’s the last day of the year 2009, heck it’s the last day of the freakin’ decade and still I don’t have a flying car. What up with that? Unbeweaveable. Now there’s a word to keep in this decade, but you know I’ll be pulling it out again in 2010 along with ‘hot mess’. You know I can’t front. Ha! Now I’m bringing sayings from the 90’s. I’m getting my decades all jacked up. Oh snap! Word.

Oh well, no matter. Either way cheers to you and I’m wishing you ring out this year with love and peace in your heart and welcome in the New with even more to come back to you.

Peace Out 2009. See Ya wouldn’t want to be Ya! And I’m not ashamed to admit I’m so happy to see you go. Lord knows that’s the truth. Here’s hoping for a better 2010.