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Awkward Family Photo

What’s Jack up to? I really am thinking that Jack thinks that he’s human. This weekend he was a snooty McSnooter with our other neighbor dog Mr. Bean. Giving him the cold shoulder like sweet Arya, but happy to say hello to Mr. Beans pretty owner. Oh well. That’s my snooty dog.

This weekend I braved the family tradition of the corny Sears holiday portrait session. Yep, after last year’s hot mess I put on my big girl mommy panties, gave all sorts of evil eyes, bought matching black tops (yep, I’m that woman. Thought I’d up the torture this year) and took the DH and dear teen twins to Sears once again for the awkward photo session. Here are a few choice lines from the night:

“Do you know how much I hate this?”

“This is the worst”

“I’m so starving.”

“He’s so stupid.”


“You know we’re the oldest ones here.”

“Um, Dad can you sit up straight.”

“Chin down”

“Sorry, you blinked on that one.”

“Brother, sister, um, just a little closer please?”


“Hey mom, did you know you have a lot of grey hairs now?”

“Oh crap!”


Photo thanks to Awkward Family Photos.
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