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Always Check Your Face

What’s Jack up to? Jack is now Jack the reluctant snow dog. This weekend we had our first big storm of the season and Jack being the dog that really enjoys his comfort now has to be bribed off the porch to go out for his walks. As if it’s fun for me.

You would have thought it was the end of the world to hear it from the newscasters and to see the lines and carts at the grocery stores. Really people the roads would be clear in a day. But the worst was when I went into our local hardware store to buy some ice melt and walked smack dab into a TV interview on the storm. Quick- camera turns to me looking a hot mess and the reporter asking me what I thought about the upcoming storm. Gah!

I answer the questions like a big old ding (not so good on the fly) then I return to the car and my waiting husband to yell and him for not going into the store instead of me. After my rant I ask, how do I look? I already know it’s not good. I have on no face makeup except mascara and hair is a mess under my Yankee cap. He gives me a long look and says fine… except for the lipstick on my teeth. Gah again!!

Cut to 5:00 where I make my tri-state New York debut looking worse than Baby Jane.

Lesson here: Always check your face before leaving the car/house. You never know when a mean newsman will shove a camera in your face and not even tell you that you have gunk on your teeth. I mean a heads up would have been nice. Seriously.