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Feeling Parched

What’s Jack up to? Jack is gearing up for a long holiday weekend filled with family and the dear twins. No more lounging about it’s about to be wild up in here.

Me, I’m hoping to get my NaNo writing done in the midst of all the holiday running around. Don’t ask me how. It’s a mystery. Yikes.

The DD had been dying to show me this nutty YouTube video. Yes, these are the things that occupy the teen’s minds nowadays. I have to say I saw it and thought how silly, but still funny and I also thought of one person. So this goes out to you, Kristen. It made me think of your post here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. Hug all those you love and be thankful for them.
I’m so thankful to all of you for stopping by and hanging with me. Smooches.


P.S. What did you all think of the results of Dancing with the Stars? Did you watch? I was not surprised but also not happy.