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What’s Jack up to? He is so needing a bath. It’s all rainy so that’s strike #1 against that bath deal. Also I don’t have the energy so that’s strike #2. And as for strike #3 see #2.

I don’t talking about my writing all that much here, well, maybe I do I don’t know where I am on the narcissistic writer scale but today I’m talking… a bit. It’s part of the story.
There are times when life gives you signs to keep pushing forward. A confirmation of sorts.

One of my stories, book, novels whateves that I’m looking to sell is a YA (young adult) in which the heroine takes up gambling in order to save for the college of her dreams and in order to get money for her grandmother’s mounting medical bills when she shows signs of Alzheimer’s.

As a writer (well any type of artist) you put a bit of yourself out there with every submission. And yes. You know it’s all subjective and you keep that in mind but still you can’t help that twist in your gut every time you hit send and with every bit of feedback you get in return. It takes a lot to keep putting yourself out there day after day.

The other day I went to the doctor for a routine visit. Now my doctor has a lot of elderly patients that use his practice. I’m not sure why this is since he’s about 40-ish, but he does. Well, I’m in the waiting room wondering if I’ll get a flu shot, ouch (I did) when an elderly couple comes in along with a younger (about my age) woman. Now the older woman was, this is the only way I can describe it, full of piss and vinegar. She just about cracked me up walking in saying just how I felt about being there.

Lady loudly and not happy: Why do I have to come so far?
Husband: It’s not that far.
Lady: Well too far too me. They should make house calls.
Husband: Nobody makes house calls anymore. You’re not going to find that.
They both sit.
Husband: Well, you don’t have to come back for 3 months.
Lady: I’m not coming back!

I’m thinking I hear ya, Lady.

The younger woman comes up after giving their info to the front desk and stands in front of the couple. She has a gentle way and starts to talk about someone calling the lady.

Lady: He doesn’t have to call me every day!
Husband: Shhh… Please don’t be so loud.
Lady: Don’t Shhh me!
Younger woman: Mom I thought you’d just like to see how he is. He’s doing so well and loves to speak with you.
Lady looking up at the younger women: Now softly: Are you my daughter?

My heart wretches and I start to blink fast. Must keep back the tears.

Younger woman softly and with so much love: Yes, Mom I’m your daughter.

I think of my book and what the granddaughter does to get the overpriced meds for her grandmother to keep her Alzheimer’s at bay. I’m still submitting and tweaking the story. Anything to make it even better. Anything to get it out there. Health care is so important. Love is so vital. Perseverance is life.