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Stick a Fork in Her

Wow, according to the counter this is my 600th post. That can’t be right. Can it?
There must be a few drafts thrown in there but I’m not going to go back and count so I’ll just go by the reader and say go me. Yay!

Funny it being my 600th post and here I am posting this God awful pic of myself but there you have it. That’s me. I keep it real. A far cry from yesterday’s post.

Well here I am yesterday just a few minutes after getting off a roller coaster that I probably had no business getting on. It’s The Bizarro at 6 Flags. That thing twisted, turned went upside down and, corkscrewed. I think it was the corkscrews that did me in. Don’t they all?

So today I’m dog tired.
After that one I was a go go for this one. The DH was a trooper and went on all the coasters with the Dear Twins including El Turro. My hero.
I did get my nerve up and stomach back in order and got on Superman which I love before we went home. Scary. No bottom. The coaster tilts your body so it’s like you’re flying. Crazy and I loved it!
It was a great way to end the day with the four of us in terror together like we were meant to be. A family. LOL.
Today in honor of it being my 600th post I’m doing a give away for my friends and followers. So leave a comment saying what you like about Kwana Writes and make sure that you’re a follower and you can win a 20.00 Amazon gift certificate. While you’re at it please tell a friend. The drawing will close at midnight Friday.

Thanks so much to you all for hanging with me here. Me, Jack and my bad hair really appreciates it!