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The Magic Box

Inspiration. Who knows where it comes from. For me it comes from everywhere and at the worst and most important times nowhere at all. Sigh.

I was checking out TED which I love. Trolling for inspiration and a little motivation when I came across this wonderful talk from Lost creator J.J. Abrams.

It’s so good especially for this quote: “That blank page is a magic box.” What a fresh way to look at it. With magic. It’s a way to open your work up to endless possibilities. Taking away the restrictions of the critic sitting on your shoulder or the evil little troll in your head saying, “oh no you can’t do it that way or go in that direction.”

Then he gets into the magic of the mystery box. The lure of anticipation, the unknown and the excitement of it. Watch and enjoy.

What’s your mystery box? Mine is a Dell and my Nikon and of course my crazy Gemini mind.