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Art and Fear- Two to Tango

What’s Jack up to? Jack is doing his Monday chill (not that he didn’t chill the entire weekend). He’s all spruced up after getting a quick grooming on Sunday afternoon so he’s nice and clean and has a fresh new haircut. What more could a dog want?

Lately, I’ve been in a strange head space that I don’t like at all. Cluttered, crowded and filled with all sorts of things and none of it what I really want. Lots if it putting little and sometimes big roadblocks in the path on the way to my dreams. Quite a bit of it all just necessary parts of life.

But I have to wonder if some of it is just plain old fear. Fear, the ultimate life blocker. Freaking fear and his sister worry, they both suck and hang over at my place like annoying relatives that don’t know when they’ve overstayed their welcome.

I saw this video of Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray, Love, which I loved, a while back and shared it with friends. I recently watched it again over at the blog Make Under My Life and was once again moved so wanted to share to here.

Happy Monday! I’ve got some work to do and some folks to send packing. How about you?