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Savannah Buzzing in My Ear

What’s Jack up to? Oh, being Just Jack! You know how that goes.

When I was a kid, of all of about 8, my mom and step dad had a bar/disco on 125th street in the heart of Harlem. It was quite the spot for it’s time.

Well, one of my favorite things to do was go by in the afternoons, serve myself an icy Pepsi with two perfect cherries on top then beg my mother for quarters from the register for the Juke Box. She knew what was coming next. Everyone knew. It was time for Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah band!

Oh, how I loved these songs! I drove the bar crazy with them. I can still see the eyes rolling now.

Hmm… I wonder if it had anything to do with me eventually marrying a man from Savannah. Hey, you never know how these thoughts get implanted.

This weekend while looking for a song I had heard and was liking a lot, I ran across them again in iTunes. I figured out that the reason I loved the song was because Cory Daye had sung it with The Band back when I was a kid. So it was already deeply implanted on my heart, somewhere on the ‘B’ side. I had just forgotten about it. Funny how those things happen huh?

And don’t you just love Cory’s style and attitude. So much cooler than some of the polished girls of today don’t you think?

What is some of the music you loved as a kid? Do you think it had any influence on who you became as an adult?