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Do You Really Wanna Know, Kwana?

What’s Jack up to? Well the wild vacation week is over so it’s back to what’s supposed to count for normal with just Jack and I at home for a big hunk of the day. I think he’ll be spending the day enjoying a bit of quiet. At least for a little while.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Anyone have a fine time with The Oscars last night? I’m amazed at how much fun I had on twitter with The Oscars last night. Seriously, it was a little party that I didn’t have to dress up for. The DH was so not getting it, but I was having a grand time with my tweets.

I’m a newbie to the whole social networking thing. Fact is, I really don’t consider myself all that social. Just a big faker. So how social are you? Are you Linked in? Do you tweet? Do you follow me? (um, over to the right) Are you Faced out? Or do you like to hang back and stay off the grid? Who needs Big Brother watching all that much, eh?

Now, in the ultimate outing, I’m extremely honored to have been interviewed by Keli Gwyn over at her blog Romance Writers on The Journey. It’s my first blog interview so I’d love it if you stopped on by. You can check it out here. Thanks Keli!