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The Music is Not Dead

What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s sleeping ever so sweetly after running around the house like crazy dog for the last 3 hours while the twins had friends over for their birthday. I know Jack all that entertaining is exhausting.

So on my Dear Daughter’s i-Pod wedged between him:

and him:

was him:

Taken from my playlist. Nice. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right as a parent. Of course she also knows all the words to Musical Youth’s ‘Pass the Dutchie‘ too. Eek!

Sidebar: How about that Miracle on the Hudson? Amazing. My mouth was hanging open as this was breaking news. I’m glad I wasn’t driving down the west side highway during that time as I’d have surely crashed from the shock. The pilot is a real hero (and the best pilot ever) and once again I’m so proud of the super fast New York responders. Even on water they can’t be beat. I just love New York!